Smoked Pork Loin, Lots Of Mushrooms, Some Breads, Country Ham Pot Pie & A Killer Version Of My Chees

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  1. I've had some things to deal with family wise but finally got a chance to smoke something today & have a little time to get on here too. I figured I'd make a few things to get me through the rest of the week. I stuck with basic items that still pack a good punch...

    I started with a piece of pork loin for lunch.

    I went with this chunk of pork.

    Gave it some rub & threw it in the smoker at 225 with some oak & maple smoke.

    While the loin was smoking I mixed up my cheesecake & put it in the oven.

    Here it is just out of the oven to settle down. I run a very hot knife around the edges of the springform pan so that my cheesecakes don't crack as the middle settles.

    So while the loin was smoking & the cheesecake was baking I mixed up a batch of soda bread quick to go with lunch & threw it in the oven.

    I also mixed up a batch of sourdough for later

    & covered it.

    & then got a pumpernickel starter going so that it will be ready to bake tomorrow & covered it up.

    By this time the loin had reached 143* so I took it out & wrapped it for a rest.

    With the loin safely tucked away I grabbed some mushrooms.

    Sliced & washed them.

    & put them in a skillet with a little butter to get started.

    Once they were going good I added some herbs & shortly after that I added some spices.

    & here they are done...

    Just as the mushrooms finished up the soda bread came out of the oven

    & I formed the sourdough & put it in a bucket with parchment paper for the final rise - the pumpernickel starter to the right is coming along nicely...

    It was finally time to unwrap the loin.

    Very, very juicy!

    I made a quick plate to inhale.

    This loin is very tender


    Mushrooms are perfectly done.

    & the soda bread tied everything together - I was very satisfied with this lunch.

    I will be back with the evening meal.

    Updates to follow...
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  2. c farmer

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    Looks great.

    Hope everything is ok bud.
  3. waterinholebrew

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    Looks very tasty SB & like cf said, hope all is ok !

    Take care man !
  4. Wow! That loin looks super juicy! Great smoke. And I am impressed with all the baking! Yeast scares me haha so I give props to those who make their own bread.
  5. & here is the evening meal...

    I got out

    My trusty old baking jug

    & loaded the dough in it.

    This got popped in the oven.

    With that taken care of I got out a pack of my burger & chopped up some onions.

    Getting it started.

    This time I added some spices & a little while later I added some herbs...

    Once everything was browned up nicely I added some of my homemade sauce

    & left it cook down a little while I

    washed & prepped some big portabella mushrooms.

    Then I added some cheese & more sauce.

    I let the cheese melt & incorporate & added a final bit of my sauce.

    The mix went in the mushrooms & I started some Stubbs then quickly grabbed my cheesecake out of the fridge.

    Sort of a blurry picture - I only put it up to show that the center settled nicely & there is not a single crack  [​IMG]

    Little better picture...

    & now for the variation of my cheesecake - as if it wasn't already rich & chocolatey enough...

    & there we go...

    Chocolate overload cheesecake!

    I got the cheesecake done just as the coals were ready to dump so I threw it in the fridge, dumped the coals & put the mushrooms on the grill.

    Right after that the bread finished so I took it out of the oven

    Unwrapped it

    & placed it to cool. I put the rest of the soda bread I made for lunch beside it for comparison & you can just see the pumpernickel starter to the right.

    The mushrooms don't take long so they were done & ready to come off.

    I put one on a plate & gave it a healthy dose of sauce.

    These are really good & I'm glad I made enough to get through the rest of the week.

    Good view of the sauce. One of these fills you up more than you would think...

    & then it was time for a slice of bread...

    The bread turned out perfect - texture, taste & chew were all great. I haven't used my baking jug in a while & forgot how nicely it worked...

    & finally to finish up the meal was a slice of the new chocolate overload cheesecake.


    This thing is crazy rich & satisfying! I'm pretty sure I will continue to do this to my chocolate cheesecakes!  [​IMG]

    Well that's it for the food I made today - thanks for checking it out  [​IMG]  

    EDIT: I had to make some more food so I put it in with this thread on the next page...
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  6. Thanks guys - had a scare with my grandma but things seem to be ok again for now at least...
  7. Thanks man  [​IMG]   Yeah the loin was very juicy & flavorful - I'm well satisfied with it  [​IMG]

    As for the baking & the bread - it's sort of like smoking - once you start to understand how things work together & why they act the way they do it becomes a whole lot easier to get the results you want  [​IMG]  
  8. Great lookn food again ur threads are always good!
  9. foamheart

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    That's a beautiful slice of loin its so juicy it appears to have a streak of fat...... That's beautiful.

    The cheese cake is a winner too. I mean isn't every woman a chocoholic, I bet you could get a kiss for a slice of that cheese cake on any corner!

    A great days menu, I hope everything is ok with Grandma.
  10. That's a lot of skill packed into one post!
    All looks great . I do love a cheesecake .
  11. seenred

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    As usual, Jeremy, everything looks amazing!  Great job!  [​IMG]

  12. WOW......impressive mix of culinary ability....kudos.....all looks terrific, loins are not the easiest to pull off......Willie
  13. Thanks man  [​IMG]
    Thanks Foam  [​IMG]   The loin actually came from an old breed local hog - outstanding flavor! & yeah my cheesecake does go over quite well with the ladies  [​IMG]

    Thanks man - I'm really hoping - thankfully things are looking ok again so far...  [​IMG]
  14. Thanks man  [​IMG]   I had a bit of catching up to do  [​IMG]   I've been making that super chocolate cheesecake for a long time & it was always really good but this is the first time I tried putting a topping on it. The simple ganache I put on really did more than I thought it would & made it really awesome! I wish I could send you some - if you like cheesecake you would really enjoy it - very rich & satisfying  [​IMG]
  15. bearcarver

    bearcarver OTBS Member

    I won't bother to list it all, but everything on this thread looks Awesome, especially that Loin!!![​IMG][​IMG]--------[​IMG]

    Great Job, Jeremy !!!

  16. I agree with all the others in that you have great skills! I've looked at other threads of yours and you always impress with your range of abilities & knowledge. Did you attend a culinary school? Thank you for sharing what you do with average cooks such as myself. I am both grateful & inspired!
  17. Another home run!
  18. Cant say enough about the awesome meal you made.  Great job on everything!!!  I hope to get as you on the bread making also.  Just starting out.  Reinhard
  19. Thanks Red  [​IMG]   I was glad to be able to make some good food again - I get antsy if I have to go more than a few days  [​IMG]
    Thanks Willie  [​IMG]   I had to time things to flow properly but it worked out without undue stress or calamity when it was all said & done  [​IMG]
  20. Thanks Bear  [​IMG]   That loin was so good that I turned into a complete hog & ate all the rest of it today!   [​IMG]   Since the stuffed mushrooms weren't gonna carry me through the weekend I had to make something else today. I'm getting ready to add that now...
    Wow thanks man  [​IMG]   No I didn't go to any cooking schools - I picked up what I could while growing up then once I moved to York for school it was all trial & error & what I learned by reading. I like to eat good food so I was forced to learn or go without!  [​IMG]   Thanks for the compliments! There are a lot of people who share great cooks on here so make sure you check theirs out too  [​IMG]

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