Smoked Pork Loin in Old Smokey

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  1. Had yesterday afternoon off so I fired up my ancient smoker and did some loin.

    An idea of what I was working with there's foil blocking the holes that have rusted out in the bottom lol.

    Fired up the Cherry wood and now were smoking!!

    Rubbed and in the smoker.

    Injected with my rub mixed into apple juice at 40 and 80 mins.

    Poured remaining injection over the top and wrapped in foil after 2hrs.

    Internal temp 130, smoker got a little hot, up to about 250 it's hard to control at times.  Now I hit it with about 45 mins more smoke to finish up.

    Internal temp 150 time to wrap up and let sit while I start one of the sides.

    Done and sliced.

    Time to enjoy the fruits of my afternoon

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  2. Looks Good

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    KC, Nice smoke ![​IMG]
  4. Thanks guys!! Can't wait until I can build a more reliable smoker.  Waste a lot of wood in that old thing but you use what you got and I'm used to it.
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    Very good post and Q-view . I gave you points for that , it was a great job.

    Share your new build when you start working on it.

    Have a great day and . .
  6. Just realized I forgot to post my method.  I went a little heavier on the Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder but I like a good spice to my stuff.  This is what I suggested to the women I work with that wanted the recipe to take home to their husbands after they tried.  Definitely open to any constructive criticism or suggestion on improvements to my recipe.
    Wayne’s Rub​
    2 Cups brown sugar

    1 ½ Cup Table sugar

    1 Cup Paprika

    ½  Cup Garlic Powder

    ½ Cup Chili Powder

    ½ Cup Salt

    ¼  Cup Onion Powder

    ¼ Cup Ground Black Pepper

    2 TBSP. Crushed Cayenne Red Pepper

    For a little more spice increase Cayenne to ¼ Cup.  You can also go up to 2 Cups Table Sugar to sweeten it up.

    Combine ingredients in a gallon Zip Lock bag or container with lid and shake until all ingredients are mixed.  Apply generously to both sides of meat wait for it to have a wet look before placing in smoker.

    Cook in pan with Apple juice in the bottom uncovered for two hours for smoke flavor at 200-225 degrees.  You can also place directly on rack for smoke flavor and inject at 40 mins and 80 mins with a mixture of rub and Apple juice.  Wrap meat or cover pan with foil after 2 hrs.  Smoke for 1.5 hrs covered.  Uncover and let smoke for 45 mins or until internal temp is 150 degrees.  Remove and wrap let sit for 30 mins before cutting.
  7. Sounds good,   Just MHO  you don't need juice underneath,  I do do water pan's at all  I will spritz with Apple Juice

  8. I will have to try that.  That was a first for me doing it like that.  Loins were on sale for $1.69 a pound so I decided it was a good time to experiment.  

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