Smoked Pork Loin for BBQ Chopped Salad & Sandwiches

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  1. This was my first attempt at smoking meat.  I was quite skeptical about the outcome, because of the low fat content in the meat.  Thanks to this forum and the great people here, it came out great!

    1.6 lbs Pork Loin (about 5"x4"x1.5")

    I brushed the meat with standard yellow mustard and coated it with Jeff's rub.

    Preheated the Bradley smoker to 235F and used Maple wood pucks.

    After 2 1/2h the internal temperature reached 150F and I took it out of the smoker, wrapped it in aluminum foil and let it rest until it was dinner time.

    I heated some of the BBQ sauce I made according to Jeff's recipe and added home made peach jam (50/50)

    I cut half of the meat cut into small, bite size cubes and mixed it with Jeff's BBQ sauce.  Next I chopped some salad, onions and added some corn, black beans and tossed it all with ranch dressing. Toped it with the BBQ meat and voila, BBQ Chopped Salad was done!

    The rest of the meat I sliced thin the next day, which was awesome on sandwiches:

    All very simple, but very good.

    Chef Lars
  2. Looks great from where I am. Nice job
  3. Looks very good man  [​IMG]   You did a fine job with that loin  [​IMG]   You wouldn't happen to have a pic of your BBQ Chopped Salad would you? 
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  4. No, i'm sorry. I also cooked meat sauce for 60 people for Good Friday and was so tired by the time I ate dinner that I totally forgot to take a picture.
  5. foamheart

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    Nice looking Loin Chef!
  6. Hey no problem - it sounded really good so I figured I'd ask if you had a pic  [​IMG]

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