Smoked Pork Lion on the New Smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by runt, May 20, 2014.

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    I used a German Spice Rub mixed with Crushed Juniper Berries and left it in the Refrig for 26+ hours (That was not the intention!)

    I preheated the Smoker and attempted to gain control of the Heat temp which I don't think I managed, but was not far off of the 235 mark based on about 6 different Temp Thermometers. I smoked using Apple chips and figured roughly 3hrs should get the internal temp at 140, then I would pull it and let it rest.

    Well I checked about 20 min early and I'm glad I did as the IT was @ 160!!

    I quickly shut things down and pulled the Loin, placed it in the kitchen and decided NOT to wrap it in foil as I wanted to try and keep it from cooking further.  The end result was a well smoked Pork Loin, that was very juicy and tender.  A little more done than I would have preferred but was not bad and with a little tweaking, I'll get it right on the next one!

    Here is some pics!

  2. Still looks good man as do the sausages!  [​IMG]   How did the German spice rub do for you?

    Loins cook pretty fast - I use a thermometer that I let in the meat while it's smoking so I can track my temps.
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    I used the meat probe that comes built in the MES-40".

    I got side tracked working on my BigRig and kinda left it alone.

    My bad, that I didn't check earlier.

    The German Rub is for Chop & Schnitzel that my wife bought at our local Commissary here @ Fort Bragg, NC.

    It did real well, but the Juniper Berries really came through! I was pleased with that.

    Thanks again.

  4. Glad to hear they worked well  [​IMG]  I need to get some more juniper berries - I've been out for a couple months now...

    One last thing. Did you verify the accuracy of the MES probe with another therm? Some of them are spot on but others are off...

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