Smoked Picnic and AMNS questions

Discussion in 'Pork' started by andrew82, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Hello all! I am going to do a 10lb picnic for the first time on the new MES 40. I got a AMNS that im going to use. If I fill the whole thing up with hickory and light both ends and let it go, would that be enough smoke for the picnic or will I have to add more dust? Im gonna see if this works bc this way I can set it and forget it and get a good nights sleep. Also, at 10lbs, this thing should prob take the better part of 12-14 hrs @ 235 or so correct?

    Thanks so much!
  2. les3176

    les3176 Master of the Pit

    I would load the amns with the center row empty so it is less likely to jump rows when burning. If you lite both ends that will be plenty of

    smoke going,that should last for 5-7 hours depending on how well you pack the dust. I can get 1.5-2 hours on one row if i pack it right!

    You may have to reload if you want to smoke for longer.Still works better than having to dump chips every 30 mins! Good luck.
  3. bearcarver

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    Which AMNS do you have?
  4. tjohnson

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    Hey Andrew,

    Something is wrong with my email...

    At the temps you’re gonna run, the smoldering sawdust in the maze will jump rows.  If you keep the middle row empty, it cannot jump, so fill the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th rows, and light to 1st and last rows.  This should get you about 3 years of smoke.  When it’s done smoking, fill it up again and repeat.

    My little gadget was originally designed for cold smoking, but guys have adapted it to use in their MES during hot smoking.  I’ve been screwing around with it to adapt it to work for hot smoking, but skipping the middle row is the most simple to do.

    Your MES is starved for air, so when you first start out, remove the chip loader and pull out the chip pan about 1 ½”.  After your AMNS gets going and  you get good smoke, replace the chip loader.  You can slide the chip loader in and out to increase/decrease the air intake to your smoker.

    Don’t use water in your water pan.  The additional humidity really slows the AMNS and can keep it from smoking.  If you do use water in the pan, keep and eye on it and if the thing stops smoking, you’ll know why.  I inject my meat, so I really do not need water in the pan.  You do need to use the pan, cuz it acts as a heat deflector, and also keeps much of the drippings off the AMNS.  You should line your water pan and drip with foil for easy clean up.  Also, you can make a little foil tent to keep the drippings off the AMNS.  I would just move the meat to an area so it will not drip on the AMNS.

    You can email me or even call me @ (952)412-0484 if you have any questions.

    Good Luck!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the support! I figure that a full (not including the middle row) maze should be enough smoke in the 6x8. I got the AMNS so I could be lazy on overnight cooks and get some sleep haha. Fine product!

    Thanks again!
  6. bearcarver

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    What Todd said.

    The only thing I'll add, is even with the middle row (row #3) empty, it is possible for row 1 to jump through to row 2, or row 5 to jump through to row 4, but this wouldn't be as big a problem as you could have with all rows filled.

    Also if you are really worried about rows jumping, do like I sometimes do. Just fill row #1 and row #5, and light both of them. You might only get 1 1/2 or 2 hours, but the smoke won't get too heavy, due to too many places burning at once. Then just do it again when it runs out, if you need more.

    I never sleep when my AMNS runs, so I have no problem doing this.

  7. porked

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    I originally bought the 6X6 and it worked so well I bought the 6X8. On long smokes you can have the 2nd one ready to go after the 1st one is done. Also, having both sizes gives you options depending upon what you're smoking and how long you'll need the smoke flowing. Good luck on the picnic!
  8. smokinal

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    Sounds like you have plenty of good advice. Good luck & don't forget the Q-view!
  9. tjohnson

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    Got to thinking about your ham smoke......

    If it's already cooked, you may not want to smoke at the high temps you posted.  Maybe start at 160°-180° for a couple hours and then raise the temp 20° every hour after.  You're just looking to heat it up, not cook it all over again.

    If it's uncooked, you may also want to start at 180°, so you can get a couple of hours of good smoke

    Make sure your probe is not touching the bone, or you'll have false readings!!

    Is your ham cooked or uncooked?

  10. bearcarver

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    I was assuming this picnic was uncured & unsmoked, and he was doing it like a butt, for pulled pork, but I could be wrong.

    I only deduced this by the 235˚ being used.

  11. porked

    porked Smoking Fanatic

    I deduced it the same way, scary stuff Bear.
  12. tjohnson

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    I don't know, that;s why I asked


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