Smoked-n-Grilled Pork Chops (Lots of Q-view)

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  1. Created these fantastic pork chops for my Dad on Father's Day.  He is a big pork chop fan, so I was looking for something that the whole crowd could enjoy.  I went with this smoked-n-grilled pork chop recipe.  This was a courtesy of Michael Symon's Carnivore cookbook.   The process calls for applying a rub the night before, lightly smoking the rack for about 1 hour at a lower temp, then placing the rack back in the fridge until just before cook time, cutting the rack into chops and finishing them off on the grill. They came out very juicy with a hint of all the flavors.


    2 TBS Kosher Salt

    2 TBS sugar

    .5 TSP fresh ground pepper

    2-3 dried ancho chilie peppers, torn and ground

    1.5 TSP corriander seeds, toasted & ground

    1.5 TSP cumin

    .5 TSP red pepper flakes

    Apply rub the night before, cover and refrigerate overnight

    Nex morning - Rinse off rub and pat rack dry

    Fire up smoker to 180*

    Smoke rack for 1 hour on raised roasting rack

    Remove Rack from smoker and into refrigerator

    10 minutes prior to grilling, remove rack from fridge and cut into chops

    Brush chops with olive oil and season with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

    Grill to an internal temp of 140-145*

    Allow to rest 5 minutes before serving.  Enjoy.

    Started with a 9 bone center cut rack of pork the night before.  Threw the chillies, corriander, red pepper in a mini chopper to make the rub. Trimmed off the excess fat and applied the rub all over the rack, including in between the cuts made by the butcher in the chine bone that showed where to cut the chops later.

    Here is the rack standing up at attention and ready to go in the fridge overnight to cure.

    The next morning I took the rack out of the fridge, rinsed off the rub under cold water and patted the rack dry with paper towels.  I placed the pork on an adjustable roasting rack and went to fire up the WSM. 

    Loaded up a nearly full ring of Royal Oak charcoal with some Apple and Sugar Maple wood chunks (since I was also going to smoke some baby back ribs at the request of my 8 year old niece).  Filled the water pan and then lit about 1/2 a small charcoal chimney.  Was hoping to get the WSM at around 180* so started with a small batch of charcoal and only had one vent open 1/2.  When the WSM was at around 160* I put the rack into the smoker for about 1 hour.

    Here is the rack out of the smoker....

    and into the fridge.

    As dinner approached, remove the rack, cut into chops and onto the Weber gas grill. (important to have a pint of beer handy to keep pitmaster happy).  For nice grill marks turn the chops 90* after searing for 3-4 minutes.  Pot was for corn on the cob...

    Chops after resting for 5-8 minutes.  Ready to eat.

    And on to my plate...with some grilled aspargus (olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper) and corn on the cob.

    Thanks for looking and hope you try this method. The chops were great.  I used an instant read thermometer and pulled most of the chops in 150* range (since my mom-in-law is a former health inspector).  Next time I would pull them at 140-145* so they would be a little juicer.  Overall, the chops were delicious.  Juicy, with a slight smoke taste and not overpowering seasoning.

    Oh... And when my 8 year old niece heard that I was making pork chops (and she doesn't like pork chops), she called me and said..."Uncle Mike, can you make some ribs."  How can you say no to your niece?  I did however make her sing the Chilies baby back rib song.  "I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs!!"  Here are the baby backs.  3-2-.5 method, with the last .5 on the gas grill.  However, I have to remember to keep the heat down on the final step because it dries out the bone side just a bit.

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    This stuff looks Great!!!
  3. Looks great!

    Happy smoken.

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    I really like this idea and will give it a try. Thanks for posting.

  5. Thanks Craig, Dave and Disco.   Sorry it took a while to respond been a little busy and haven't had the time to check the site.  Shame on me.   I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone that is looking to serve something other than the typical BBQ.  Loved this. 
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    Those Ribs look great! Well played with the Chillies Baby Back Rib song!
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    Them look great - good job.

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