Smoked Mini-Bear-Loaves (All Beef)

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    Smoked Mini-Bear-Loaves (All Beef)

    Here's another one I did while I was AWOL.

    This one has a "Real Bear View" in it ( a picture with Bear in it ).

    I needed something to take with me to my Annual Beth Steel Reunion Picnic (Sept 8).
    I took some Bear Loaf before, and all the guys loved it, so that is my choice.
    This will go good with Mrs Bear's Deviled Eggs, that she always takes along.
    She'll probably bake some kind of cake too, as usual.

    I'll make this a Step by Step, because this stuff is Awesome!!!!

    This will be a small batch, as I only had 7 pounds of ground Beef, but I will use the same percentages as in my (Mild-hot) Smoked Bear Loaf.
    Also, this batch will be in smaller 8" X 8" pans & not as deep as the bigger pans I use for my Signature "Smoked Bear Loaf".
    I will slice these a little thicker to make them less fragile when handling.

    7 Pounds of Ground Beef (80-20).

    Dry Mix:
    Black Pepper----------------------------3/4 TBS
    Red Pepper Flakes----------------------3/4 TBS
    Cayenne Pepper------------------------3/4 TBS
    Mustard Seed---------------------------3/4 TBS
    Fennel Seed (slightly crushed)--------1 tsp
    Anise Seed-------------------------------1tsp
    Italian Seasoning------------------------2 tsp
    Garlic Powder----------------------------1tsp
    Onion Powder----------------------------1tsp

    Wet Mix:
    Tender Quick (cure)---------------------1 3/4 ounce
    Soy Sauce--------------------------------3 ounces
    Ice Water---------------------------------3 ounces
    Stir until TQ is dissolved, and put in fridge.

    NOTE: Any amounts of the ingredients above can be changed to suit your tastes, except the TQ.
    The amount should be 1/4 ounce (1/2 TBS) of TQ per every pound of Ground Meat.

    Prepare Foil Pan (8" X 8"), by covering the inside with plastic wrap, leaving enough extra on the outside to cover the meat after you put it in the pan.

    Now spread your 7 pound batch of Ground Beef in whatever your going to mix it in (I use a large bowl).
    I like to poke a whole bunch of holes in the ground beef with my fingers, before I pour the seasoning in.
    Mix the Dry Mix, with the Wet Mix together, and pour it over all of your ground beef.
    Now Mix & Mix & Mix & Mix & Mix, until it is mixed as good as possible, and gets a little on the sticky side.

    Now pack as much of the meat mixture as you can get into the first 8" X 8" foil pan.
    Press it down real good & work it a little to get rid of as many air pockets & cracks in the meat as possible.
    Level it out nice, and fold over the excess plastic wrap to cover well.
    Do this in more 8 X 8 pans, until you use up all of your mixture.
    In this case 7 pounds fit exactly into 3 level fillings of my 8 X 8 pans.
    Cover the pans with the excess plastic wrap ends.
    Put these pans in the fridge for at least a few hours to overnight.

    Prepping for smoking:
    6 hours later I removed my three pans, unwrapped, and flipped them over on my smoking racks.
    Then I put them in my meat fridge, uncovered, over night, to begin drying the surfaces.
    The smoke will adhere better to a dry & tacky surface.
    [[[[ If you don't have an extra fridge with room, I would take them out the next day, put them on the racks, and put them right in the smoker. Then I would turn the heat to about 140˚ for 2 hours, without smoke]]]]

    Smoking Day:
    6:30 AM---------Pre-heat MES 40 to 140˚.
    6:45 AM---------Remove racks with meat loaves from fridge, and put them in your pre-heated (140˚) smoker.
    7:30 AM---------Put full AMNS (lit on one end) on bottom bars, to left of chip drawer.
    11:00 AM-------Internal temps at 116˚-------Bump Smoker Temp to 160˚.
    2:00 PM---------Internal Temps at 138˚-------Bump Smoker Temp to 180˚.
    4:00 PM---------Internal Temps at 153˚-------Bump Smoker Temp to 190˚.
    7:00 PM---------Internal Temps at 161˚ to 169˚------Remove from smoker.

    Note: I use these gradual temps because I can avoid temp spikes this way.
    If I could not adjust my temps easily, I would keep my smoker temp at 150˚ for 6 to 8 hours.
    Then move up to 180˚/190˚ to finish, pulling when the internals get above 160˚.

    Remove, and allow to cool down to 100˚, by soaking in cold water.
    Then run some hot water on them to rinse off any fatty oils that came to the surface.
    Pat dry well with paper towels, and put in fridge for two days (wrapped).
    Next day slice however you want.
    Eat some---Wrap & freeze some---Enjoy All

    Thanks For Looking,

    Dry mix and wet mix (with TQ):

    Dry & wet mixes combined, and holes poked in ground beef:

    Cure and seasoning added:

    All mixed real good:

    Plastic wrap in pan before packing meat in:

    Meat packed in as tight as possible, trying to avoid voids:

    Covered, and into fridge for at least a few hours to over night:

    My AMNS filled with Hickory dust, and one end lit:

    All set, and ready to go:

    A peek through my favorite window:

    LOL---I once built a 21' wide Mahogany (stain) on Cherry (wood) Entertainment Center that was this same color:

    Three Little Loaves ready for slicing:

    All sliced up:

    Closer look:

    All packed up for eating & freezing.
    Big pack for my Beth Steel picnic:

    Here's all the guys at last year's "22nd" Annual Beth Steel Reunion Picnic (Bear in back with black Veitnam Vet hat on):
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    Looks good.

    Yeah you wouln't want to deplete the great dane size deer there.
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  4. seenred

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    Everything looks great, Bear!  Thanks for sharing the details...

  5. Looks great and that color is awesome!
  6. snorkelinggirl

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    What a clear and detailed post!  Thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us, Bear.  I'm sure your Beth Steel gang really appreciated all of your and Mrs. Bear's hard work!

    I also really appreciated being able to see how you set stuff up in your smoker. Very helpful. [​IMG]

    Have a great day!

  7. Very nice indeed Bear.......[​IMG]
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks really good Bear! Thanks for another great write up!
  9. woodcutter

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    That looks so good I want to try making some. I love it when stuff in the smoker turns red.
  10. bearcarver

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    LOL---Thanks Nepas!!

    Thank You, Black!!

    Thanks Red!!

    Thank You!!

    Yup---I love that color!!

    Thank You very much, Clarissa!!

    I try to make these easy to follow, because I remember how hard I struggled when I was a Newbie.

    Plus it makes it easy for me the second time I do something.

  11. Bear..that looks amazing...ive been wanting to try stuff like this but ive been very very hesitant to attempt it. this thread has just made it seem like its simple as 1,2, have just given me confidence to try this once and for all. [​IMG]and the pic of them in the thats some color for you, i cant stop looking at that im gunna have to print in color and frame it for confidence as i attempt this. thanks for sharing!! [​IMG]
  12. bearcarver

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    Thanks RTBBQ2 !!!

    Thank You Sailor!!!

    Thank You Much, WC !!!

    Yup---My favorite color---Mahogany.

    Or like George Foreman said, "My favorite color-----Meat"

  13. pgsmoker64

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    Bear that looks awesome!  

    What do you do with it after slicing and packaging?  Do you fry it up like bacon, or just heat and eat?

    Thank you for sharing these!

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    Very nice Bear - good job. [​IMG]
  15. kathrynn

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    Yummers!  I like this!  I know it tasted wonderful too!

    Thanks for the q-views and the YOU view!

  16. bearcarver

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    Thank You, That makes me feel very good that my step by steps are helping people. Anything is easy if you know exactly what to do. After that, you can make changes, if you want. My main mission is to make things easy enough for others to try it. I love to hear that my mission is being accomplished.

    Let us know how you like it.

    Thanks Bill !!!!

    For picnics they are eaten cold, just like a Beef Stick, which is what it actually is, but in another form.

    At home for snacking, I sometimes nuke it for 30 seconds---Really brings out the flavor. Makes a Great Sammich too!!!

    Also if you stick a few slices in the frying pan, just long enough to get it bubblng a bit, and throw a couple eggs next to it you got an awesome breakfast!!!

  17. chef willie

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    Very nice......with some hot mustard and a cold beer chaser...YUM
  18. michael ark

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    looks great!
  19. sqwib

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    I really need to try this,

    Bear, have you tried drying the slices for jerky?
  20. oldschoolbbq

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    Dang , that looks good. Have some mini loaf pans I'm gonna try out. Shape them in the pans and remove to the Smoker.

    Man I gotta get some Freezer Vac Bags. Them bags of goodies looks inviting...[​IMG]

    As always , have fun and ...

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