Smoked Meats For A Few Meals

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  1. Hello,

    Started last night by applying rub to a 4lb pork butt and a rack of St. Louis style ribs.  Also put an approx. 3lb flat brisket in a bag of brisket sauce.  Got the Masterbilt two door propane smoker going with hickory and apple chips at about 225.  Pulled the pork butt and brisket out a bit earlier to rest about an hour and added some SPOG to the brisket after drying off from marinade.  Put both brisket and butt on smoker about 10 A.M.   Checked temperatures and added some more chips till 1 and then added the ribs that had been sitting in rub since last night.  At two added the two turkey legs that had been sprinkled with cajun seasoning.  Should have waited till probably 3:30 to add the legs, they got done earlier than was thinking but held over fine wrapped in foil.  At 3:30 wrapped the ribs with a lil butter, brown sugar, honey and a strip of BBQ sauce, wrapped in foil with some apple juice.  At 5 pulled the brisket at 195, easy to push in tooth pick, wrapped in foil for an hour and half.  The turkey legs were also looking done at this time, I need to get another thermometer as only have two and may have cooked the legs a bit too long, still good, but maybe could have been moister.    Also at five pulled ribs out of foil and back into smoker.  30 mins later pulled pork at 192 degrees and wrapped in foil to wait an hour.  At this time decided to put some BBQ sauce on the ribs.   At 6:10 pulled off the ribs and was done with all.  Later around 6:30 cut and pulled it all.  Also had sweet corn and shells and cheese from box, but didnt take any pictures.   Below are pictures with it all cut or pulled in pans.  Used a homemade basic rub on pork and ribs, both were very good.  The brisket turned out a bit too salty with marinating over night in sauce and then a SPOG rub on outside, probably wont use a sauce next time as previous ones seem juicy without being way too salty.  Pictures make it all look very dark, but wasnt that bad. Going to be packing a bunch into bags for leftovers when not having enough time to smoke later.  Thanks.   

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    That looks like quality food!
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    Looks like a great day of smoking!

    Good food all week!
  4. Thank you.
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    That all looks awesome... Full smoker = Happy smoker ! :banana_smiley:

  6. Wow! It looks like you're set for a couple days - nice smoke man!  [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]  Everything looks delicious! Nice smoke!
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    Looks great dude.

    Any time I've fired up the smoker recently, I've done extra for left overs.  Nothing like left over pulled chicken or pulled pork.  You can make a lot of different meals around left over smoked meat.  It will save on wood and time invested!  I love to get out there and cook a 8-10 hour long pork butt, but Lord knows we don't have time for that every weekend.

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