smoked meatloaf !!!

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  1. i have found the perfect holder for the meatloaf[​IMG]......i found the "grid" at wally world and at $.99 each "i bought a dozen of them" before i tried them , and yes you can clean them so i guess i wont have to buy any more for a looooonnnggg time !!!! [​IMG]the best part is that it will hold the meatloaf and you can "mold" it around the meatloaf to help hold it in place.

    i have pics of it and also of my meatloaf on the smoker !!!!

    hope this helps all !!!!![​IMG][​IMG]
  2. beer-b-q

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    Great Idea, thanks for posting...
  3. bigsteve

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    I love smoked meatloaf!
  4. Two questions...

    1) In what department at WM did you find these? I am doing a get together in a few weeks and have meatloaf requests. These would be perfect!

    2) How did you keep the meatloaf from dripping grease on the meat below it?

  5. sorry about that .[​IMG] i found them in the BBQ section, the wally world i go to had them in the out door section in the grill area "with all of the grilling items"

    part two of your question, the pic i took it down so i could show the meat better but, when i run out of room i use the "extra" rack. the beer cans i have holding the rack have half a beer left in, the other half i used to "season ME !!" but under it i have a flat piece of sheet metal to "direct the run off to the back of the smoker so i dont drip on the meat below. on one end i cut and formed the sheet metal so it will hold on too the rack and slant toward the took some time but i got it to stay using its own weight, the only bad thing is you have to make sure it dont touch the meat below if it does it will burn the meat.
  6. very interesting!!!

  7. pandemonium

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    thats what i used on mine yesterday to.
    i bought those for putting jerky on in my little chief smoker and figured i would try it on my meatloaf and it worked great and reusable
  8. richoso1

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    I like a person who's always looking to find good use in things. Thanks for the Q View my friend.
  9. forluvofsmoke

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    Great idea! Man, I've seen them things Q and never thought about them working as a loaf holder...COOL!!! I'll have to order some now for smoking my salami.

    And using your Buds to add-a-rack to the smoker...nothing like an extra pair of hands when you get in a tight spot. [​IMG]

    As pandemonium mentioned about using them for jerky, that's a great idea too, especially with large gapped wire or large expanded metal grates....

    Keep it thin & blue!


    Edit: CRAP...can't find 'em on-line @ wallyworld now...nutz!
  10. pandemonium

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    they were on clearance at a few walmarts i went to in different counties in florida so you better hurry
  11. mballi3011

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    That is very ingenius idea and that goes to show you that everyone, new or old can come with great ideas to smoke more. Here you have meatloaf pan and alittle earlier we had extra jerky trays. So that is why it's so great here is that we have the nohow to create these new ways to do things. [​IMG]

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