smoked lobster

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    Yap Yap Yap----Talk is cheap, where are the pictures ?????????

    I never smoked a Lobster, or I would post a picture or two.

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    I just smoked some crab legs and they were stupid good. If I were gonna smoke lobster I would make sure I have a water pan with hot boilin water in it, smoke with a very light wood like alder... and pull them as soon as they are good and hot. Don't put a lot of smoke to them because a lot of the smoke will reside on the outside of the shell and may flavor the meat more than you want when you eat it. My crab claws were precooked and I'll never fix them any other way again if I have a smoker sittin around.
  3. Oh yeah I have definitely SMOKED LOBSTER! This is how I did it. First I got two 2lb lobsters from the local market. I started up a pot of boiling water and it has to be a real good rolling boil. Then I boiled each lobster separately for 3 minutes in the pot. After the three minutes was up I put them on ice to stop whatever cooking process had begun. Then I ripped off the tails and claws after they cooled. Then I cut the tails in half long ways and took thumbnail size chunks of shell off the claws and left the meat in the shells. Then I started up my smoker and let it get to temp then put hickory chunks in the smoker and waited for them to get smoking real good then I stuck all the lobster pieces in the smoker shell side down and poured some garlic butter that I had made on the meat and smoked them for 1 hour. It was easily the best lobster I had ever had and if there is anyone out there that hasn't tried it you should. If you follow the way I did it you will get a wonderful tasting meal that will be a big hit at the dinner table.
  4. pardon me while I semi-resurrected the other old thread...

    when I went shopping for some baby back ribs, I found the lobster tails that were on sale for $9.99/lb (at Sprout's) and got a pair.

    not having smoked that stuff before, I did some research on it and found more cons than pros, but I really wanted to give it a try.  after a few more cons on the meats turning rubbery I was about to give up when I came across this above recipe and followed suit.

    I set the smoker at 220-240 degrees for 3 hours over pecan wood chunks and a water pan.  then with 10 minutes left, drizzled some garlic butter over the meat in the split open shells and added some asparagus seasoned with peppered bacon salt on the lower rack where the water pan used to be.

    end result?

    the tails came out AWESOME! I definitely will use that recipe again.
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    Did you split them before or after brining?  Or did you brine the lobster whole, then cut?
  6. Yummy! Lobster season hits us here in October - already have my license and report card. Can't wait to try this!
  7. Hi there! My favorite way to eat lobster is smoked! I smoke it from raw, to cooked. Here's a photo of a 9-pound smoked one, that was smoked with an entire elephant garlic head on the smoker too, and then placed over my black rice & seafood paella. WON-DER-FUL! Cheers!

  8. cut, split then brine
    hope it turns out just as well for you as it did for me!
    that looks great!!  and what a fantastic presentation!
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  9. Thank you! This dish is really lovely indeed. I enjoy splitting lobster down the middle if grilling, but found it smoked best when whole. Cheers and Happy Friday!
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    Pictures like this is what im gonna love about you joining SMF....Looks wonderful!
  11. That looks incredible, I don't think I've ever seen a lobster that big, I guess I'm not living in the right part of the country for that.  A bit off topic, but back in my youth I ran a family owned swimming pool store, and we had a hot tub on a trailer we would rent out for parties as a side business.  One of our repeat customers was a bar that was part of a small local restaurant chain, and they paid part of the bill with coupons for their restaurants.  By the end of the summer I had a fistful of these things, so I took my girlfriend to there highest end restaurant for a special night out.

    When we got there we saw they had a stuffed 6 pound live lobster dinner for 2, it was the most expensive thing on the menu, insanely overpriced. But I had all these coupons, more than enough for the dinner, so that's what we ordered.  We noticed the waitress gave us a funny look when we ordered, but didn't think much about it.  When she brought us the dinner she was just about in tears, and kind of slammed the plates down and stormed away.  We just figured she was having a bad night and went about having our dinner.

    A while later a different waiter came out to see how everything was going, and we asked about the other waitress.  Come to find out that lobster had been in their tank for years, and the waitress had more or less adopted it, even gave it a name.  We were eating one of her pets!

    Never went back, but I think of it every time I see a big lobster.  Hopefully yours didn't have a name!

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  12. David - fantastic story! And while naming one's dinner lends some creativity to the table, and admittedly I've titled a few entrees accordingly before, I eat them nonetheless! What a terrific memory and experience though! Very fun. Cheers!
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    Down here they just treat them like crawfish on steroids. Boil them 12 min then let soak in the boil for 25 min.

     I have grilled lobster but never smoked one. After dispatching the lobster split tue shell under the tail w/ kitchen shears and inject the tail w/ garlic butter . You can also inject the claws in the joint . shell side down on a hot grill till the tail meat is done
  14. Sounds great Eman! Happy Friday!! - Leah
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    Can I get a little more detail about your method on the lobster? We have a great Asian grocery here in Tucson that sells live Maine lobster really cheap. I would love to try this for a special surf and turf. Can you tell me the smoker temp, the length of time and how you can tell when they're ready? Please? I typically do mine sous vide but would love to go paleo on a couple for my babydoll.
  16. I've grilled a few in my time with a chunk of smoke wood added but never "smoked".

  17. Hi Gringo Dave! Thanks for your comment on and query on the lobster! I am impressed with your sous vide doings, though must admit that smoked is lovely too! That's sweet that you'll make up a surf/turf fantastic dinner for your sweet gal!

    Keep in mind, that unlike these absolute gurus here on this site, (whom I worship and adore and am learning so much from and every day), my "smoker" must seem like a damn little toaster oven by comparison and I will not pretend to have some master rig, or any such thing. (Tiny, all in one, Brinkmann gas-coal-grill-smoke little deal).

    HOWEVER, I have prepared more beautiful and healthful meals on this thing - throughout each season ans storm even - and for such, how very grateful am I. Here's to bigger toys at some point down the road!

    I share this, as I don't even have a temp gauge on my machine (I know, I know, how primitive right) but figure this is cooking on the "low end of high," if that makes any sense? (It was gas, with apple wood chips and as simple as can be).

    Keeping the whole lobster in tact, in it's shell, I'd smoke it between 20-30 minutes depending on size, give or take. That one over the paella was 9 pounds and thus smoked for the longer side of that window, but I've done smaller ones for 20 or so and they are fine.

    They are done when having turned a dark rust-red-brown. Let me see if I can attach another photo, of some others I've done, in various sizes, as to give you an idea of that brick color that says "I'm done."

    I hope this helps some, and moreover have fun and enjoy!!! I'm sure it will be fantastic!

    And Bama BBQ; your photo of food looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers and warm wishes to all! - Leah

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    I am so going to try this! Those look awesome! I guess you just get the hammer and shell cracker to get at the meat? Those smoked shells and un-eaten parts could make for an awesome lobster stock too. 

    I found your blog and enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Bama - yours looks great too! ROLL TIDE!
  19. GringoDave, thank YOU very much! So glad you enjoyed.

    And yes, take hammers or whatnot and crack away! You can even freeze that smoked meat in ziplock bags if you do a giant lobster etc., and thaw another day to add into spaghetti and it is wonderful!!!

    Have fun!!! I bet it's a big hit!!! Cheers! - Leah
  20. Those look absolutely amazing and my wife's favorite food in the world is lobster. This would be a great surprise for an upcoming Anniversary.

    Could you provide some further info on your prep for this? Do you pierce the back of the head first to kill the little critter? Certainly they aren't running around inside the smoker, right?

    Does 20-30 minutes take these from raw to smoked that quickly? Any idea what kind of temp you're running to cook that fast? Or is this more of a grilled lobster with a chunk of wood for smoke? In other words done on a hot grill with lid?

    I'd love to give this a go, but when I'm going to be tossing 30-40 bucks worth of Live lobster on there, I'd like a little better idea what I'm doing!

    Thanks in advance!

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