smoked k-bobs???

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  1. I wanna make some smoked "k-Bobs" I guess you could say. Anyway, I'm planning on picking some nice ny strips and shrimp and brining over night in something simple. Maybe some Italian dressing or Worcestershire with some garlic and herbs or something. I wanna cut the steaks into good cubes and leave the shrimp whole and put em on the skewers alongside some yellow squash, zucchini, maybe some onion and peppers... Not sure exactly. Anyway my question is about temperature. How hot and what IT should I be looking for? How would y'all cook this? Thanks!
  2. I'm thinking the shrimp will be way over cooked and the reat will be under cooked

    Happy smoken.

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    Afternoon , B.
    If I was cooking those strip steak kabobs , I would do them over a hot smoky fire to an IT of 125-130 for a nice mid rare....130-140 if you like your beef cooked thru....just be careful not to dry it out.
    I have no experience cooking shrimp , but everything I've seen indicates they take mere minutes to grill. The Italian dressing marinade is one of my favorites for strips. And I know it's not strictly a kabob this way , but my preference is to cook those small steaks whole , then let them rest and cut em into chunks. Much less chance of drying them out that way. Me not like dry meat!:grilling_smilie:
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    You will want to skewer and smoke the shrimp by themselves or they will be over done compared to the meat. Shrimp do good marinated in coconut milk and lime with a dusting of chipotle. Also a lower heat is needed for the shrimp. I like to do mine in a 180* smoker. I also prefer a milder wood like apple on shrimp. On the beef I'd start on the lower temp and then sear them off on a grill. I don't worry about IT on the small chunks and go by feel for doneness. Here's my last shrimp smoke:
  5. Yeah grilled and fried shrimp and they don't take long at all that way just never smoked any. So maybe cook everything separate, steaks whole then cut and put everything together?
  6. why not use something like sirloin instead of NY strips...??...???
  7. I'm open to sirloin just usually eat strips when grilling. Haven't smoked steak before.
  8. Try a reverse sear on the steak. Smoke the shrimp and the veggies or grill

  9. Sounds good to me! So Ill smoke the steaks whole (shrimp and veggies separate) and then cut and put it all together.
  10. Remember to post a Qview or you will be seeing this.[​IMG]  or this[​IMG]  or this[​IMG]

  11. :) will do! Gonna cook this Saturday when the in-laws come over :( oh well lol guess I'll put my game face on and get er done. They are buying so I guess I'll let em make it

  12. Well, I decided against k bobs and added some csr. Not the prettiest, but it was good. Veggies were squash, zucchini, onion, jalapeno, and bell pepper. I soaked the shrimp in a chili/lime marinade night and steaks in a mix of zesty Italian with Worcestershire. I Marinaded the csr in a blend of garlic and herbs with peppers and kept the meat sprayed with apple juice and basted with butter garlic powder and onion powder. Smoked the steaks and then hit em with a hot sear. Corn was pretty basic. Roasted it with shuck smeared some butter on it and salt/pepper. Nothing fancy. I like a med rare steak so I pulled about 145. Everyone else likes well done so I let theirs hit 160 and pulled em. They weren't overly dry but still a little drier than I like. I smoked 240-250 on an ecb.
  13. I should add that I should probably stay out of the can until done cooking. Lol might of payed a little more attention to heat.

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