Smoked Hot Wings - 5 Flavors

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mossymo, May 29, 2011.

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    Did up a dozen of each to get a feel for what flavors we would like to try at home again. Smoked with hickory on the 22.5 Weber for an hour and a half at 275º and sauced on the Weber Smokey Joe over hot coals.


    -Tequila Lime rub and Lizard Lick sauce "These had a amazingly unique taste to them, definitely will be using trying this on other poultry."

    -Mad Hunky rub with a little Smitty's added and Texas Hunters Chipotle Sauce "First time using the Smitty's... Wowza! For anyone that like hot wings with heat, these were great. As I'm getting older I am finding I need to back off the extra spicy that I love or I pay for it later. That Smitty's is a great spice that you don't need to use much of, glad to have it."

    -Cinnamon Chipotle rub and Rasberry Chipotle Grilling Sauce "These were very good, nice combination of flavors. Actually a subtle mouth watering taste to the wings."

    -Jamaican Jerk rub and Lizard Lick Sauce "Very good, wasn't sure about the combo but I like it"

    -McCormick's Buffalo Seasoning and BWW Spicy Garlic Sauce "Good hot wing with fairly easy to find ingredients."

    Pic of 3 flavors with just the rub on them freshly placed on the grill.


    Rubbed hot wings getting some smoke just after the first flip.


    Rubbed, sauced and smoked hot wings just ready to come off the grill.



    Thanks for looking!
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  2. scarbelly

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    And the winner is ????????
  3. arnie

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  4. tatonka3a2

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    I am a huge fan of the Hooters wings, I like the deep fried but we wanted to come up with a good way of cooking while out camping and not having to haul everything under the sun!

    All 5 flavors turned out really well but of course I have my favorites. The winner for me was hands down the Cinnamon Chipolte with the Raspberry Chipolte sauce. This has just the right amount of heat with great flavor. In fact we were just talking that we should try this combination on ribs. I think I know what we will be smoking next weekend.

    And 2nd place for me was the buffalo seasoning with the BWW sauce - I like the original style hot wing.

    But all the others were great too and I would take a plate full of them. They went perfect with the campfire, cold beers, and the Northern Lights that were out last night. Perfect evening!!
  5. smokinal

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    Awesome looking wings!   [​IMG]
  6. africanmeat

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    Good looking wings the tequila one sound great i will give it a go.

  7. flash

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    [​IMG]   Well, maybe the nekkid ones. The breaded ones hide how small they are. Great ambiance though. [​IMG]

    Mossy, what temp did you smoke them at?? Was the skin crispy enough?
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  8. mossymo

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    Flash, I smoked with hickory on the 22.5 Weber for an hour and a half at 275º and sauced on the Weber Smokey Joe over hot coals to crisp up the skins, worked great!
  9. bearcarver

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    Dang, Mossy----They look Awesome!!!


  10. venture

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    Those do look good!  I'm going to have to steal some ideas from this post.  My other half loves wings and she usually bakes hers.  I fry mine, but they are definitely going on the smoker now!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  11. biaviian

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    Looks great! I'm about to throw some wings on myself. This time I put the rub on 24 hours in advance and vacuum sealed them to rest in the fridge. They will be the appetizer to the pulled pork.
  12. flash

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     Yep, do the same thing. GOSM, then onto the gasser to crisp them up. Turn out pretty darn good that way.

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