Smoked Horse Mussels

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  1. So I got to go mussel picking the other day. A friend showed me this spot that you can get Horse mussels at low tide. After an hour of picking I got 25 gallons of mussels. After 8 hours of steaming them I got 20 lbs of mussel meat. That's not counting what we were eating while cleaning them, lol. I arranged the mussels in trays and sprinkled a little garlic salt on them. Smoked them with apple chips for about 6 hours bringing the temperature up to 165. After cooling them in the fridge overnight I ended up with 9lbs of mussel meat. I then packed them in containers and covered with canola and soya oil. They taste and smell great but the only small issue I have is the amount of pearls the mussels have in them. I must have taken 100 pearls out of them but still I seem to find more.

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    SNS, those mussels look incredible, nice smoke !!! [​IMG]
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    Looks tasty! Nice smoke! When I lived on the coast here we had mussels right out my backdoor! Only aloud a five gallon bucket though. This year we've been under a shellfish advisory and can't pick do to the dioxides. Maybe next year!
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    Nice score 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  5. We are only allowed 300 per day per person. We gathered 600 on that outing. They are just huge mussels. Thanks for all the great feedback.
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  6. holy moses that's a lot of mussels. I love smoked mussels, I'm insanely jealous. cheers!
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    Those look Awesome!![​IMG]

    I love Clams & Oysters, but I'm afraid to try Mussels, ever since My Son got violently sick "Twice" from Mussels. I figure if I got as sick as he did it would definitely Kill me.

    They still look Great !!

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    Wow, I did not realize there were mussels that large, they look delicious.

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