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  1. I want to make some jamaican jerk rub.  i have no habanero powder so dropped by my neighbour who always has an assortment of powders he makes.  he only had smoked habanero powder. 

    just wondering if this will still give me the real jerk flavour or does smoking alter the flavour of habaneros.

    i am going to use Ted Reader's recipe:

    2 TB ground allspice

    2 TB cayenne

    2 TB dried ground habanero peppers or scotch bonnets

    1 TB kosher salt

    1 TB freshly ground pepper

    1 TB granulated sugar

    1 TB granulated onion

    1 TB garlic salt

    1 TB dried thyme leaves

    1 tsp dry mustard powder

    1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

    1/4 tsp cinnamon

    i will make a paste of this with the juice of 1 lime, 3 TB jerk rub and 1 TB olive oil

    what do you think??
  2. ak1

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    Given all of the other ingredients, I don't think you'll notice much difference. You're good to go.
  3. great.  just wish i could get some pimento leaves and/or branches.  they are available online but im too cheap.  i think i may put some soaked allspice berries in foil for some of my smoke.  for the rest of the smoke ...oak maybe? mesquite?

    any suggestions
  4. ak1

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    Apparently, Ontario Gas Barbecue in Vaughn has it available.

    give them a call.
  5. where u from AK 1.  i see you are a fellow ontarian, what city or area.  im from scotland, south of brantford
  6. ak1

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    Stoney Creek, east of Hamilton.
  7. ak1

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    One thing. Before you get all wound up about making the proper rub.... for jerk.  Remember, Jerk is a way of cooking, using the indigenous flavours of Jamaica or other areas of the carribean. Don't be afraid to experiment.

    Actually, here's a good site;

    This guy lives here in Hamilton.
  8. Small world. I grew up Hamilton mountain. maybe we get together some day for meat and beer. jspence also Hamilton .
  9. Yes . You got me researching . I'm finding the smoke type is most important part. lots of commercial rubs say real jerk taste but without pimento its just not jerk. Never realized that. thanks ak
  10. ak1

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    I would suggest this; for a smoking wood, don't use anything strong like hickory, mesquite.... Use a mild wood and throw a bunch of allspice berries on it. I'd be willing to bet that it would be pretty close to what Jerk tastes like in the Carribean.Don't forget, like any named spice blend there will be many variations. Using "jerk spice" eg.... some people will use more cumin, more pepper, more sugar, more; whatever spice. Others will use less of each. Some will use less of one, more of another.

    Honestly, I would be willing to bet that if you went to Jamaica & ate jerk chicken at various places, they would taste different. But they would also taste similar. It isn't the smoke per se, it's all the flavours put together.
  11. Thanks AK
  12. Scotland Ontario, just down road, where my first wife was from, small world indeed 

  13. Hey palladini . Where u at?
  14. Ah Scotland Ont., my first wife was from there, her Mother used to run a shop that sold Hemp products out there.

    As to where I am, there is this big? city about 20 to 30 NE of you, It sits on the Grand just above the reserve.  You probably have visited this city many times. AND when doing so, depending which way you come into town, If on Erie Ave, your about 5 blocks from my place at one point when coming into town.
  15. yep, drive right by you all the time!
  16. goinforbroke

    goinforbroke Smoke Blower

    I think you're essentially making a jerk marinade, depending on how long you let it... marinate.  As a quick flavoring I think it will depend on what you're putting it on.  If it's a Butt, then the final product would by 'sorta jerk-y'.   It won't be Jerk though.  Chicken will be a little more sensitive, but even then chicken tends to stand up well to even a 12 hour soak on a "real" jerk marinade.   Either way, I sense that as a rub it will taste good, and if you wanted to increase the 'jerki-ness" of the pastey rub, sub veg oil for the olive, splash with some soy, and do mortar or mince some fresh ginger.  Forgive my opinions, jerk is one of those things people get passionate about.

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