Smoked Ground Turkey Meatloaf -- you'll want to try this!

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    I've been wanting to try a smoked Meatloaf for some time. I went to Walmart the other dat to buy some hamburger, and was shocked to see the cheap stuff at $4.00 a pound! I can buy pork Butt for $2.19, so why would I buy hamburger for $4?

    I get ground turkey at Save A Lot for about $2.25 for a 12oz tube, so I decided to try that. I got out my stand mixer and added 2 tubes (1.5 pounds) to the bowl along with 1/2 packet of cornbread stove stop stuffing, 1/8 cup teriaki sauce, 1 egg, a bash to two of liquid smoke, and a couple pinched of ground black pepper.

    Mix this well with the mixer on low speed. I learned this trick on the cooking network -- it mixes thing together more evenly and keeps the mixture less compacted than doing it be hand.

    Spray a sheet of aluminum foil with cooking spray and dump mixture onto it and form into loaf. Put two layers of bacon strips on top and trim away excess foil, leaving about 1 inch or so around the edges. Place in smoker on high. I used meskeet and cooked at about 270 or so until international temp reached about 175.

    About 30 minutes before I thought it would be done, I put some store brand Honey BBQ Sauce on top of the bacon. I thought the honey would give a nice caramelization on top. That really didn't happen, so next time I'll remove it a little early and put it under the broiler.

    Anyway, IT WAS GREAT, nice dense texture, yet moist and SO flavorful!


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