Smoked Goose recipe

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by roharris33, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. I have a goose hanging out in the freezer. I want to smoke it but don't know a good recipe. Any ideas???
  2. Hello.  Sorry you have not received a reply.  Some posts fall through the cracks.  I am sure you have already smoked your goose but if I may offer:  NEVER eaten goose in my life but i'd like to try some.  When I try something new, unless curing and such is involved I try to just keep it simple if I know no better.  Salt and pepper and smoke.  If you want to try a brine try a simple brine for something close like chicken or duck if you can find a recipe.  Follow the "rules" and prick the skin but just a simple bird will tell you where to start.  I'll bet just salt and pepper on that goose would give you a good base to build your next recipe from.  IT for duck and goose should be lower than chicken according to my research.  The fancy schamcy chefs say serve it med. rare ( 145-150? ).  I can't help you there due to lack of experience but hopefully someone will be along soon to correct me.  Keep  Smokin!


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