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  1. smoked a beef , eye of round and a small pork loin. wanted to try some thing different , i injected both with a marinade and then covered in my dry rub that i use , let both of them set in the fridge for three hours then smoked both in my propane smoker at 225 - 230 degrees for eight hours .

    both came out good but a little salty from the marinade i injected into them. i will try again but the next time i will inject both with a BBQ sauce to give the meat a sweet taste .

    as far as that goes it was very tatstie and moist.
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    Well, they look great. That's what it's all about, coming up what works perfect for you. I like the BBQ Sauce injection idea!
  3. Thank You!

    I have done the BBQ sauce injection on other smokes i have done and i think it works great on the beef ,eye of round . since it does not have a lot of fat it seems to keep the meat moist and you talk about adding flavor ! 

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