Smoked Duck?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by 05sprcrw, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Has anyone tried smoking a duck if so have any pointers or tips? I would like to attempt smoking a duck. I don't want to dry it out though would it be best to brine it first?

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    What part of the duck is it, and is the skin/fat still intact?

    If it's the breast with skin, based off of my experience with it (limited, admittedly), I would do it in this order:

    1) Brine for a few hours. My favorite brine is a mixture of orange/pineapple juice and salt. Tastes really, really excellent.

    2) Smoke at a low temp until mostly cooked

    3) Throw it on a heavy cast iron pan that has been in a 500* oven and press down on it (skin side down) for a few minutes to get that crispy, delicious skin.
  3. I generally smoke duck breast, I dont brine, but I do wrap it in bacon, and rub it with a general dry rub.  It only takes about 2 hours at 230.  I used wild ducks that I killed my self, so these are not huge farm raised corn fed ducks, so the breasts are much smaller.  They did not have much fat to begin with but I did remove the skin and any fat.  That is part of the reason i wrapped them in bacon so they would stay moist, and everything tastes better wrapped in bacon.

    Pre smoke

    Post smoke

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    Those look great, I will give those a try. I am going to smoke a whole duck I think just to try it, now that I have a general direction to go with it.

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