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  1. Hey everyone. Yesterday i smoked a drunk chicken. I used a 7lb oven roaster chicken. I rubbed it with olive oil, all-purpose seasoning and a bbq rub sitting on a can of yuengling
    . I smoked with apple and hickory wood chips on my masterbuilt propane smoker @300° for 2.5 hours til it hit an internal temp of 165 in the breast. The meat turned out excellent although the skin was chewy not crispy. Anybody else have that issue?
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    I generally crank up the heat half through a smoked beer bottom chicken (Southern Words)  without an aluminum foil wrap. The skin turns out good, that bird looks great. Deep fry the skin if extra crispy skin is desired (j-j).
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    Yes , turn up the BTU's, it gets the skin to a better state.

    Also try a Spatchcoked  Chicken , easy and the skin crisp up more...
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    Higher heat. Dry the son thoroughly prior to putting in the smoker. Best way to this is to air dry overnight in the fridge. If you don't have the time a hair dryer on low right before you put it on will do the job. No oil or butter on or under the skin. If you have a water pan in your smoker that will also hinder the crossing process. Run a dry smoker.
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  5. Thanks everyone for the input. Looking fwd to my next smoked chicken.
  6. looks great. maybe throw it on the grill for a short period of time to crisp up the skin a bit following the smoke. I'm probably going to be doing one myself in a couple days as the all natural roasters are on sale for .99/lb and I'm going to pick a couple up.

    second thought, I may do the beer can chicken on the grill @350 and light an amnts inside my grill to add some smoke to it.

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