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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by mudhole, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. mudhole

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    I'm trying to make my own simular to what I get from the processor (its expensive)!!

    I've got seasoning already, but my main conern is with the cure! I've got morton temder quick, but if used as directed 1tbsp per pound, its WAY to salty!! How much would yall reccomend per pound?

    Is there another type of cure I can use thats no too salty that I can find locally?

    Also, concering cold and hot smoking, I've read that if you hot smoke you dont need any cure at all! I would be interested in this!

    What I plan on doing is small batches, 5-6 pounds, maybe more at a time. It'll be smoked cooled then vacuum sealed and put in freezer. Then when needed, pull ed and cooked till hot on my grill!

    Any help in this is greatly appreciated!
  2. I had the same problem with TQ. Was told I should know what I'm doing before I learn how to do it. The instructions on the bag that TQ comes in says one TBS per lb of meat. Maybe there is another type of cure that should be used and a person steer away from TQ. Happy smoking!

    PS...another member here says 1/2 TBS is  the correct amount. Also Cure #1 is used. That's the pink stuff that comes with some seasoning mixes that is sold.

    I have 2 lbs of reaallly salty bologna that I'll probly boil after removing the casing to see if some of the salt can be removed.
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  3. mudhole

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    Thats why I'm thinking of not using the TQ at all and smoking at higher temps till a internal temp of say.....180?

    Im using a seasoning from Targils, the #3
  4. use the search button at the top and you will find a lot of info on TQ.

    Nepas...does lots of sausage and has good info.

    Dave Omak has a lot of good info

    If you are hot smoking you should be fine IMHO. You need to get above the 140* mark in less than 4 hours I believe?

    I am not sure that you need to go that hot on some of the stuff you find on the search.

    If you are going to keep it frozen after hot smoke you again "should" be okay.

    Read what some of the above say...
  5. I'm thinking the cure also provides the "salt" seasoning and the meat probly wouldn't taste right without the salt seasoning.
  6. reinhard

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    Mudhole, get yourself Cure #1  and use your seasoning as instructed.  You should not smoke sausage at a low temp like most do without a cure.  Cure #1 is 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of meat mix or one ounce per 25 pounds of meat mix.. You can get it on line, or places like Fleet Farm if you have one near you.  You will be very happy with it.  Make sure you mix it with the amount of water you would use per batch of sausage.  Reinhard
  7. mudhole

    mudhole Newbie

    The Targil #3 seasoning I'm using has salt in it as well
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  8. Mudhole

    Your profile doesn't say where you are located at.  You can find cure #1 at Acadmey, Cabela's probally any sporting good store, as well as many places online.  I have used Morten Tendor Quick for my bacon following Bear's directions and it has never been too salty.  I'm still new to all of this stuff, but I have read that it's important to use the correct amount of which ever curing agent you are using.  Good luck, it's a great hobby.


  9. Use the search bar and take your time and find a recipe that you like. Also learn about the safe amounts of whatever cure you are using. Some recipes do not fallow correct food safety.

    Happy smoken.

  10. boykjo

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    I mostly use TQ. 1 1/2 tsp per lb for ground meat
  11. mudhole

    mudhole Newbie

    I went to Bass Pro and picked up some LEM cu #1!!!
  12. daveomak

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    mudhole, morning..... in the link is the amounts for several curing products and how they are used in ground meats..... TQ , it is suggested to use 1.5 tsp. per pound of ground meat.... which is 0.23 ounces.... which is 6.53 grams of TQ / #.... since TQ is mostly salt and sugar, and lets say it was 99% salt, the ground meat would only have 1.4% salt which should not taste salty... Heck, I add 2% salt to my stuff and 1% sugar plus what the cure has.... Maybe you are not letting the process go on long enough for everything to do it's job.... then resting the product.... or maybe adding sugar to the mix, as an extra, to combat the salt flavor/taste... I recommend starting with 0.75% sugar, not knowing how much sugar it does have....
    .............. (1 TBS. is for whole muscle dry rub curing I do believe)...........
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