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  1. We got a gift basked from a friend and one item in it was "smoked cheese flavor Crackers", the were real good.  I don't have the ability to cold smoke cracker, but someone might want to try it. Just a thought.
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    There is no need to cold smoke crackers.  I like to encourage those new to smoking or those who have a new smoker to smoke crackers as a inexpensive way to learn how there smoker works.

    Smoked Bread,Crackers and Snacks

  3. Thanks Tom, you got me thinking about all kinds of cracker/bread things to smoke. I will tell you,the first thing I will try will be garlic bread.
  4. I've never done any but I have had them   Good !!!

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    graywolf, smoked garlic bread is very good.  This is a good example as to when to use a thick white smoke (TWS) when smoking a product.  If your smoker can produce TWS, after the smoke is going, place your sliced bread in the smoker.  TWS is not as forgiving as a thinner smoke, so start out with a short duration in the smoke, as bread will take on smoke very quickly especially if it has a large crumb.  I suggest leaving it in the smoke no more than one minute to start with.  If one minute does not produce enough smoke on the bread for your taste, increase or decrease if too much, the time in the smoke in 30 second increments.  Do so by increasing the time from the time it goes in to the time it comes out, opening the door only once. 

    Smoking snacks can be fun, so enjoy crackers, chips, nuts and so on .  Let us know how it goes.

  6. I should have read the label. Going to make baked Ziti tomorrow so I plan on smoking some Italian bread with some good Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.we'll see how it goes. Tom, as a side note, I love the area you live in. I lived in Spokane/Sandpoint Idaho and Great Falls for a few years.

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