SMOKED COFFEE DUSTED OSTRICH STEAK & A Visit From The "Wine Gods!!!!!!!!"

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  1. Well Happy Wednesday Great Smoking Cookies! Here is to all!!!!!!!

    While it's so very easy sometimes, to look at every person who didn't come through, or each one who didn't do something we expected or wished, or to moan about whatever didn't work out amid our day as planned or as hoped; I am reminded today, instead, to take a minute and look around at all the "good" and the people who indeed DO shock the daylights out of you, and in a lovely and very incredible way, and to count one's bloody blessings! Here is to that!

    My main meal began today with a little "fig & bib" salad...

    Boston Bib lettuce, fresh figs, Humbalt Fog Goat Cheese, and then just apple cider vinegar whisked with Tunisian olive oil, and some blue Persian salt and black pepper layered on top.

    Simple, and yet so very sensational. Indeed.

    Then I fired up my little tiny gas smoker with pistachio shells as "smoking chips" and on high heat for some 12 minutes..

    Inside was coffee dusted ostrich steak...

    I sliced that apart and it was what I call "medium rare" and my husband calls "raw." (I prefer my meat cold in the middle and so this is somewhat overcooked to me but at least not cooked through). Next time, 8 to 10 minutes would have been just perfect!

    Nonetheless, the coffee edges give a peppery contrast and REALLY smell extraordinarily well once smoked!

    But the best part of it all, by far, was that "The Wine Gods" did visit me today, and deliver a very generous package and from our Moikel, (Thank you Mick therefore, and for being a damn generous bloke and for allowing me to try a wine that I did REALLY REALLY REALLY so very much want to try)! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am beyond grateful, touched, and so thrilled! That this is Biodynamic and so pure, and that the motto on this Cape Jaffa winery is "Live In The Sunshine, Swim In The Sea, Drink The Wild Air" (my new motto by the way, bar none, and I'll confess to having printed that out, and having taped it up in the kitchen even - really), made for exciting anticipations on my part.

    However, never did I expect that you and Linda (thank her tons as well) sending me wine, (and while on your vacation in NYC and while certainly deserving to enjoy all of your time and not be bothered with such tasks) would result in the most mocha, smooth, and still DRY enough for me, INCREDIBLE vino! This is amazing!!! It's just so properly balanced! It's really terrific!!!!!!

    As a fan of "Old World Wines" mostly, there are a few domestic new world cabs that I really enjoy. Today, your lovely seaside Aussie Cabernet, reminded me in seconds, and very much actually, of a certain wine here that I do love, called "Dunn" (Howell Mountain Cabernet, California) and the likeness is uncanny! "Understated Elegance," is what it is, and just the best balance of mocha yet dry and a perfect, healthy and soft and yet strong body. Not too plump and syrupy and rich to drink by itself, and yet not too tannic where it needs some wooly mammoth roast or whatnot either and just to match up. This is so sensational!!!!!!!

    PURELY, BEAUTIFUL WINE!!! Thank you so very much!!! It's way better than I thought it would be even and I was in love with the method making, the winery and so much and just from me reading about them months back! So thank you TONS!

    I added a mango, shallot, basil and grape tomato salad, and with whisked olive oil and apple cider vinegar on that, and then black pepper and blue salt on the salad too, and only olive oil and blue salt drizzled over the coffee steaks...

    Now as a wine cougar admittedly, (I take my men older and my wines YOUNG), I was DELIGHTED to see the striking violet deep color (indicative of a young wine) and then see the 2012 vintage, and it all makes grand sense. My kind of grape! Indeed, indeed!

    The combo was out of this world!

    Apparently too, our friend David did so kindly advise as to where to go, (while you're out wine shopping and eating), in NYC. Many thanks to him too therefore, as today was such an unexpected gift, and delicious one at that!

    "Next Year In Tasmania" was my toast, for the record, (although the Aussie seaside and a tour of this lovely Cape Jaffa place would surely be an exciting excursion as well), and so it is with so much damn gratitude and thankfulness, that I do raise my glass and with many thanks! And for so much!

    The only problem? I really honestly do love this wine so much, (I swear it's "Dunn Cab"), that I'll just have to ship it in and right from  the winery and by the truckload or right on tap!!! Smiles.

    Fantastic stuff! BEYOND-BEYOND!!! And I thank you tons!

    And you know? The coffee dusted ostrich steak, despite being "medium rare" instead of "COLD in the middle and just black & blue;" was a perfect match! The mango salad even too! And the extra Humbalt Fog that I gobbled right up! A decadent eating day and wonderful at that!

    Mick this was so amazing!!!

    Here is a fabulous glass (and I mean WON-DER-FUL) raised to all, and ESPECIALLY, on this day, to the very great WINE GODS!

    How very lucky, and grateful, am I. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
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    Ooooh, simply beautiful.  Ostrich huh?  Hmmmmm.  I haven't used my Fossil Farms gift certificate yet.  Ostrich just flew to the top of the list!

    And thanks for the Howell Mountain, California wine recommendation.  Just watched a video on the vintners in the area.  Basically right in my own backyard.  Checked a local supplier.  Pricey, but definitely worth a taste.
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    A fabulous, unique dining experience atop an amazing SURFBOARD! Astounding....[​IMG]
  4. Well Good Morning to All and my goodness, did I have myself a little luscious wine picnic last night indeed! Such lovely stuff!

    And as if it could even be possible, the Shiraz was even better than the Cab!

    Thank you again to the very generous contributors as you have introduced me to my newest crush! Yes these Aussie wines are superb! Now I don't see the above Shiraz (Scarlett Runner by McClaren Vale) listed in our liquor store but they do have some other McClaren Vale ones and I will check that out later today. This one was amazing, and organic even and Que Shiraz Shiraz, whatever will be will be delicious!

    So that was a treat!

    And thank you Ray,  for such nice words! I do love ostrich and kangaroo when barely seared. Your gift certificate is exciting and you must be so happy to go select some exotic and exceptional delicacy! How fun! (You've got a kind daughter for certain)!!!

    And living near all this Howell Mountain business? Lucky you! The Dunn is indeed very pricy and so it's just a special pick once in a great while. But one of these Aussie wines did really taste similarly and so I'll check out more affordable Australian wines now and see what I find!

    Chestnutbloom!!  Thank you tons as well! I am delighted that someone appreciates my table! I'm having a ball designing these odd furniture pieces and enjoy that they're functional as well. Happy Thursday to you!

    Here's a wonderful wish for everyone's day and for toasting to fantastic things! I send good CHEER!!!!!!!!! - Leah
  5. moikel

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    Glad you liked them,bear in mind neither of these are pricey wines. That Scarlet Runner is only $18 back home cellar door.I reckon you could get it for $ 15 if you shopped around,case price.No wonder we drink so much.
    McLaren Vale is real Shiraz country,distinctive regional style.Let me know what's in your hood before you buy.
    Limestone Coast is more Cabernet country,my 2 cents , Langhorne Creek lovely Cabernet franc,merlot,petit Verdot. Coonawarra cab/ Sav
    The list goes on. Anywhere the German migrants set up they planted what the call a "fruit salad " block.Different varieties side by side so if the price for Grenache was low then the price for Shiraz might be better. Others followed suit.They do have really great old plantings of Grenache in that state so the Southern Rhone styles are just brilliant.
    It's interesting for me to see what's in the wine shops here. We have been drinking( guzzling) French & Spanish blends mostly much better selection than back home.
    I think brands like Yellow tail distorted peoples perception here maybe I can bend it back into shape.
    I don't think Robert Parker has helped that much either . He goes for the big Barossa blockbuster style Shiraz ,big everything,fruit,oak,tannin ,price & alcohol. I drink them but you have to be in the mood for that style & harder to get food right.
    I don't do cult wines.
  6. moikel

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    D'Arenberg great place to start . The Footbolt , the Laughing Magpie, long list labels have a distinctive red stripe. Family business 3 rd generation. Very highly regarded in the wine industry . Have fun searching.
  7. Hi Mick and Hello to ALL!!!!!!

    Indeed, the Yellow Tail brigade did taint my view until I met you, (Mick), online here, as you have educated us and certainly me, and so very much!

    Despite me having had some decent Bin, Penfolds, Two Hands, and then a couple McClaren Vale picks too before joining this site, like the Laughing Magpie, I just didn't know that fabulous everyday wine there existed.

    Today I bought their Footbolt, and Jester in the liquor store, along with a Penfolds Bin 28 and then at Trader Joe's grabbed a quickie Koonunga Hill one to try. All of the above were affordable and so I am interested to see how it goes. (And I'm not a Parker fan either by the way).

    Most of our stateside cult wines are just overpriced and not my bag although I do love the Dunn that I mentioned and yet love these fabulously priced Aussie picks too.

    For the record even, I drank the "Jester" today with my grilled bison (just cook the fat and not the meat and my steak will be perfect) and didn't get ONE reaction on my skin, no redness, nothing. That is unheard of for me really. And so, these McClaren Vale folk, even when not doing an organic one, must stick pretty true to "old world" methods, as my skin usually reveals it all and vividly.

    In any event, you have steered me into a new arena to learn about and that is always exciting! Thanks tons!

    Here's to all, on this Thursday! I look forward to hearing about everyone's drinking and smoking pairings too! Cheers! - Leah

    (OK so I am still having WAY too much fun with my new table! True be that). But hopefully that's understandable! Now onward to more exciting things...

    The Jester, at first (wine), was not so lovely as I had been spoiled with McClaren Vale's Scarlett Runner last night, and yet this too got wonderful over time and NO SKIN REACTION and so that goes onto my list! Whether organic or not, it was obviously made well. I'll continue!

    Amaranth with turmeric was alongside my meal...Amaranth is a fabulous grain that, well, it, well, it "keeps one regular." Enough said.

    My bison steak was great, and arugula and shallot and fig salad was lovely too.

     And the meat was cooked a TINY bit too much for my liking still, and yet was very good! Pretty close!

    OK then, just sneaking these in, despite me still smelling SMOKED coffee ostrich throughout the house and on the porch from yesterday afternoon. A strong aroma indeed, and yet a great one.

    Cheers to all! - Leah
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  8. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

    An inspiration as always with superb pics....Thanks Leah!    [​IMG]
  9. Good Morning All & Happy Friday!!!!!!!

    Thanks very much Chestnubloom! I really found that the SMOKED COFFEE OSTRICH STEAK paired so masterfully with the mocha notes in the Aussie wines, that I'm excited to experiment more with wines from there and coffee steaks. Aromatic, flavorful, and fun!

    In any event, I'd love to hear about what smoke & vino pairings everyone enjoys this weekend, and so do post them here and share with us all indeed!

    Cheers!! - Leah
  10. smoke happens

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    Great post! I was in the McLaren Vale region about 3 weeks ago, finished up in Adelaide early one afternoon and snuck a few hours in to tour the area before flying home the next morning. We hit Coriole Vineyards, Hugh Hamilton Wines and Samuel's Gorge. Of the 3, Samuel's Gorge was by far the best. I don't know that you can get it outside of AUS though, but it was amazing vino. Coriole and Hugh Hamilton are both available in the states, I saw both last week at a Total Wine store in Florida. Have not looked here in the Seattle area, but I'm sure they are available. Hamilton has some very good Shiraz, the bottle I found last week was $50 though - pretty rich for my blood. Any way, enjoy the pics. The wine from that region is amazing.

    McLaren Vale, view from our lunch spot.

    The lunch spot

    Snapper collar, fried with arugula and Thai chili reduction

    View from Hugh Hamilton tasting room

    View from Samuel's Gorge tasting patio

    Samuel's Gorge tasting patio

    Samuel's Gorge Shiraz - look at those legs!!

    View from Coriole's parking lot

    Happy smoking and drinking!!
  11. Well thank you Smoke Happens!!! And happy Friday to you!

    These photos are incredible! I am so grateful that you shared these with us!!! Fantastic!

    From the bucolic scenery to food, and wine, it all looks incredible!

    Now I see on the McClaren Vale organic Shiraz, "Scarlett Runner," that it's imported by Epicurean Wines of Seattle, and so perhaps some interesting finds are more abundant out there, but WOW, your adventures must have been delightful!

    That all sounds, and looks, so very beautiful!

    Thank you for this!!! What a treat to learn more about and to see!

    I look forward to everyone's input and "smoke & vino" pairings this weekend too!

    Meanwhile, what wonderful shared travels!!!!!!!! So amazing!

    Cheers! - Leah
  12. Happy Friday Great Smoky Cookies!

    And what is on deck for your wonderful eating & drinking today?

    My lunch was some simple grilled calamari, (I love smoked too although mostly for the color versus any flavor difference), and then some amaranth grain with turmeric and a little fig, and some turnip greens. I drank an Aussie Shiraz, McClaren Vale's "The Footbolt" and find that the touch of fig, and the muddy turmeric flavors in the grain, really helped this pair wonderfully with a red.

    And you?

    Happy weekend!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

  13. bkleinsmid

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    Morn'n Leah........well not for about "top of the afternoon to you".

    I raise Emu's and can tell you that Emu and Ostrich steaks go from great to over done very quickly. Even though your husband is not big  on meat that rare, it has to be for those Ratites. And yours look perfect....... Add a little bit of a herb and spice board sauce and those steaks will stand up and talk to you.

    I'll be smoking ball tips for 180 people tomorrow.........and I will sneak in a rack of spares for myself.

    Happy weekend to you from Cali.......

  14. Holy Wow Brad! I didn't know that you raised emus!!!!!!!!!

    I DID know about the wild boar which make their way across your lawn, and I did know about some of your fare.

    But emus on your own property even? Well lucky you!!!!!!!!! Do you sell this stuff? Smoke it? Please share with us as that's so exciting!

    Meanwhile, happy Friday to you!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  15. bkleinsmid

    bkleinsmid Smoking Fanatic

    Wild boar do cruz this country about 6 miles from here. At the house I get deer and wild turkey........and of course all the little creatures.

    The Emu's are for fun now. I use the eggs to cook with and on occasion will hatch and raise a couple for the freezer. I only have two pair left.......out of 40 that I started with.

  16. Happy Saturday to all!

    And how wild, literally, (Brad), on your animals within ample reach! So fun!

    Today I grilled simple octopus, used up odds and ends (chopped up fresh figs, spinach, shallot, radish, and endive too) and then layered that over some turmeric mixed amaranth, and doused it in oil and blue salt and it was really lovely!

    I drank a Penfolds Bin 38 Shiraz as to keep learning more along my "Aussie" vino new kick, and it was really dark and gorgeous in color and yet I liked yesterday's McClaren Vale's "The Footbolt" a bit better.

    In any event, I am excited to hear everyone's weekend pairings.

    Cheers to today and to all!!!!!! - Leah

  17. moikel

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    We are out for dinner at Arlene's in midtown she is chef originally from Trinidad. I will take a couple of bottles of Scarlet Runner .No idea what we are eating.
    D'Arenberg have an extensive website with embedded YouTube clips on the winemaking by the very blokey Chester head winemaker. Huge range of wines.
    If you saw Darry's original 50 / 50 Shiraz Grenache on a shelf some where ,especially the 2012 if it's out yet ,climb all over it.
  18. That sounds fantastic Mick! Enjoy your evening! That Scarlett Runner was so unbelievably good!

    I find The D'Arenberg, "The Footbolt" to also be nice (and so skin reaction) and so somewhere along the line, these folk did make wine that's pure versus loaded with chemical junk!

    And I'll keep an eye out for that Shiraz/Grenache mix, and buy it up if seeing it indeed. I appreciate the tip!

    This group is so wonderful and we all learn so much from each other and it's a joy!!

    Cheers to all! - Leah
  19. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Found this ,organic status conferred as at 2010.
    Western Aust, well known highly regarded,distinctive ,black pepper & black fruits,touch of chocolate. Very reliable Mediterranean climate,gravel ironstone soils very drinkable .Great match for your emu or similar.
  20. That sounds terrific! I'm enjoying trying the ones I find and am making a list of more to look for and try as well! Such very delicious fun! Cheers! - Leah

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