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  1. Hey y'all,

    Found a nearly four pound chuck roast for $10 yesterday, and I just couldn't resist. Let er rip at 250 degrees on some oak wood until she hit 150 IT. Wrapped it up at that point to get nice and tender, as I knew I was going to shred it. Pulled it off the cooker at 190 and let it nap for an hour. Came out nice, but I realized about a quarter of the way into tearing it apart that I forgot to get a picture, so this is the best I could do. Enjoy!

    About to wrap:

    About to nap:


    Not bad for a spur of the moment cook!

  2. mdboatbum

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    Not bad at all!! If you have any leftovers that'll make some killer beef stew or chili. Love the smoke ring!
  3. smokinjoes

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    Looks good!  Great job.

    I did my 1st chuckie last week.  It was a blade roast, my 1st beef roast altogether actually.  Turned out really nice.  So nice that I went out and bought a brisket to try after that success.

    Now today I have the brisket point (on the right) which I tried a red wine injection AND a blueberry cranberry infused pork loin roast (on the left), just laid them both down on the smoker.  I know it will be a late finish, but I can't wait!  It'll be my second pork roast second beef roast (if your wondering I use my propane bbq and amnps the temp sits just right if I use the top warmer rack and leave only 1 burner on low I have a wireless therm with hi and low warnings to ensure this)

    @daRicksta  That pic above is the infamous brisket, I have a feeling you know the one lol no turning back now :) 
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  4. smokinjoes

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    things are smelling good in my backyard!  Can't wait!  :D 

    the wireless probe is in the pork, I have another digi therm for the brisket not in the pic.
  5. smokinjoes

    smokinjoes Fire Starter

    IT temp on the brisket is @ 190 the pork came off a little while back and is resting in foil now.  The smell in my backyard from that brisket is unbelievable, I can only describe it as mouthwatering :)

    Chucks and brisket is quickly becoming my favourite cuts :D  
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  7. daricksta

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    Looks great, Joe! Were both the pork and brisket cooked to 190°F IT? Were they as tender as you planned? To me 190° is a little low for both. Funny how brisket has been demystified for you. They're very easy to cook. But on my first and only chuckie I crashed and burned when I couldn't get the IT over 190° after two days of trying. It was still a bit chewy after all that. So a chuckie is what intimidates me now.
  8. smokinjoes

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    @daRicksta   haha no nothing came off at 190 degrees.  that was just the temp at my last update.  The pork had come off at 165 as it was a loin roast and was never intended to be pulled, sliced all the way.

    the brisket came off @205 and seemed to want to be sliced rather than pulled it was just about to start drying out I could see this on the outside of the slices.  This was not a big deal for me, so I sliced it and OMG was it tasty!

    I think it this might have been the best beef roast I've ever had.  So tender and tasty, even the parts that started to dry out a little just fell apart in my mouth.

    I am very quicky becoming a brisket fan!
  9. daricksta

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    Yes, pork loin is cooked to a lower internal temp. But that brisket--that brisket! You're a real gosh darn smoker now, Joe! That brisket looks outstanding. It'll also tell you if it wants to be pulled or slcied by if it falls apart or not when you slice it. Next time pull the brisket between 200-203° F IT and that should solve the problem of parts of it being a little dry. The point that I smoked fell apart (which made it perfect for burnt ends!) but the flat stayed solid. Well done! Next week I'll be smoking my own brisket again.

    What did you use for the brisket rub, Joe? And how did the pork roast turn out? I've only smoked pork shoulder.
  10. smokinjoes

    smokinjoes Fire Starter

    @daRicksta  The pork turned out good, but with that brisket I find it hard to talk about the pork much :D  
    haha thats exactly how I found out.  I started to slice off just a little part from the end to taste and it sliced so nice.  When I bite into it I felt like I had used entirely too much of my jaw muscle as it basically melted in my mouth haha OMG it was good.  From there I just kept slicing.  No looking back.  

    My buddy was sounding disappointed when he showed up and it was sliced, but I didn't miss out on pulled beef sandwiches I enjoyed the best roast I ever cooked :)
    thanks for the hint.  I was originally looking to pull it and wanted all that connective tissue to be broken down best it could, hence the 205 target.
    I made the rub myself.  I used a little cheat with a some premixed steak spice (something like montreal steak) I got at the bulk store, then added garlic, onion, kosher salt, fresh medium ground pepper.  I then put all that into my morter and ground up the larger chunks from the steak spice.

    hehe I love this part.  then I rubbed my  meat and got it ready, to go on the smoker that is.  :D 


  11. daricksta

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    That Montreal Steak seasoning is good stuff. It's fun to make up your own rubs from scratch or even using bulk mixed spices as a base. Looks like you made up a great little rub there. Steven Raichlen has a book on rubs, sauces, and marinades and I've found a couple of his recipes, one a basic rub and the other a Kansas City-style rub, to use good general purpose rubs. Check out some other rub recipes for inspiration and ideas on what other spices and seasonings to add. I made a big batch of each a couple of years ago and recently used them up. But when I'm pressed for time it's very fast and convenient to shake the rub out of a bottle. My daughter has been outstanding in keeping fully stocked with great commercial rubs and BBQ sauces. I also like to finish a beef brisket by brushing on BBQ sauce when it's just shy of the finish IT because I like that wet finish, as I call it.

    C'mon, Joe; let's hear about that pork roast, the rub details and how it turned out. And show some compassion: it's not the pork loin's fault that it's not a beef brisket...
  12. smokinjoes

    smokinjoes Fire Starter

    I used the same rub on both the pork and the beef.  The difference was the pork had the blueberry cranberry infusion the beef had a red wine injection.

    Originally I was trying to follow a recipe for a blueberry cranberry rub but was not able to get the fruit dried enough so I sliced the roast open and laid some right inside.

    that's the pork just before I took it off.  the beef was just freshly wrapped with some more wine in the foil.

    And once it was all said and done we looked like that.  I was also laying off the pork b/c this is a chucky thread and the brisket was so much better tasting that the pork turned out, not that the pork was bad it was very yummy.
  13. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Not bad for a planned in advance cook either! You've inspired me to try smoking another chuckie.
  14. daricksta

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    I've read about smoking a pork loin but it's not my favorite pork meat to smoke because it's so lean. As for the brisket, I totally spaced on the wine infusion part. Just so I don't have to climb back up the thread, what wine did you use? I'm trying to imagine a red wine flavor in smoked meat with the other seasonings and spices. For my own tastes, I'd prefer to drink the wine rather to inject it into a brisket but it sounds like what you produced was delicious.
  15. smokinjoes

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    @daRicksta  I am not sure of the brand of the wine, I'm not too much of a wine drinker.  I do know it was described as a full bodied red wine.  It was a cheap bottle, I had a half glass with dinner just because and that was good enough for me.

    I decided to  go with the red wine to try to bring a taste that the wife would like.  Turns out I out did myself because I thought it was amazing, she also enjoyed it though I don;t think it was to the extent I did.

    As far as the pork, I don't usually smoke the loin, but I had a full loin I was cutting chops off of, then I had this end that was not as lean as the rest and I thought, I could stop cutting now and have a decent little roast here to play with, the smoker will be on for longer than pork needs.  So I did play a little thats where the fruit came in.  :)

    If you want I could dig up the name of that wine, I just don;t have it off the top of my head.



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