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  1. Afternoon everyone,

    I am going to smoke some chicken thighs here in a short while.  I am going to smoke the chicken on my Old Smokey Electric Smoker with apple wood chips in the chip tray. I am using a rub I made with some Rosemary, Thyme, Smoked Paprika, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Pepper, and Salt. I am adding some sugar to the rub for the outside skin but I did not want any for the under skin rub.

    I have had this smoker for a little over a year now but I did not use it too much during that time, only a few tries with Pork Butts, some ribs and chicken once. Only in the past 2 months have I been cooking more, most recently to smoke beef chucks.  I learned while using the OSES that it is better to leave the lid slightly off so that it smokes it more than steams it. I actually had some crust on the beef chucks when I took them out. 

    On to the cook, I have trimmed and thoroughly dried with paper towels and a fan blowing over them. I just put the rub under and on top of the skin and I will be starting the smoker to get it up to temperature i about 20 minutes to let the rub penetrate a little. I will post pics of the rubbed chicken on the pan and once I get it in the smoker here shortly once I take them.  I just wanted to get the thread started while I waited for the rub.

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    Thighs are good. More forgiving when still tinkering with your smoker mods and temps. Just did some last week to test run skme mods I did on one of my smokers. .
    Cant wait to see some pics
    ; ;l
  3. Here is the picture of the chicken with the rub on it.

    And here is one of the chicken on the smoker

    I am keeping the temp about 225°F.

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  4. All right, the chicken thighs are done.  It took about 1 hour and 10 minutes in the Old Smokey at about 225°F and the IT for the chicken was 175 - 180°F for the thighs and 178° for the 2 chicken breasts I had on the lower rack. I did not mention the chicken breasts earlier since I they did not have the rub I made, they had some sort of california garlic seasoning on the top and I did not add anything to them. They were bigger individually than the thighs but I think smoker runs hotter further down the barrel so they still hit the same temp as the thighs. I need to get a new thermometer that has a probe for the meat and one for the temp of the smoker. 

    Here's the thighs.

    And here is the picture I took of the breasts, I am letting them rest now so I will post if they are dry or not because of their slightly higher IT.

    EDIT: The chicken breasts were a bit dry but nothing a little bbq sauce can't fix.The thighs on the other hand was spectacular. My little girl said it was too peppery, but my boy and my lady thought it tasted great.  Next time though I think I will put the chicken under the broiler or on the gas grill to crisp up the skin on top as it was rubbery.  Overall I think it was a success though.   

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    Sorry about the Breast, try wrapping in Bacon next time [​IMG]  , keeps them moist (unless you over cook them [​IMG].

    Thighs and Breast all looked good , have fun and as always . . .

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