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  1. Hiya everyone,
    I smoked a 6 lbs chicken and a pork tenderloin today. No brine, washed and dry, then did the rub with mustard and did dry rub on both. I have an offset smoker and it was a tad breezy today. Smoked for close to 6.5 hrs with the pit temp average around 260. The chicken was about 4 inches from the firebox opening, the pork was behind the chicken. The pork temp hit 160 and I pulled it. The chicken hit close to 140 but I couldn't get it any higher, and ran out of burning material. At least the trash smelled better once the chicken hit it.
    Any ideas why the pork hit temp being further away from the heat? My plan is to hit the hardware store and get a more reliable temp gauge for the pit. :help:
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    What are you using monitor your meat temps? Have you tested the meat probes to see if they are accurate? How are you monitoring your pit temp!? Is it a fixed therm in the lid or else where? How close is the meat to that therm? The best method to monitor pit temps is to place a remote therm probe on the rack (not touching metal) where the meat you are cooking is. You need to test your therm probes to make sure they are accurate. You should do this prior to cooks.

    Assuming the info you have given the chicken should've been done.

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