Smoked Chicken Halves w/ Q-View

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by psax88, Sep 18, 2015.

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    So some of you may remember answering my questions on how to get a crispier chicken skin from a couple of weeks ago. Well, I've smoked some chicken halves the other day and I must say I got my best skin yet! These chickens were juicy, and oh so tasty!

    Did up 2 halves with the Dinosaur BBQ Cajun Foreplay seasoning, and another 2 with salt and lemon pepper. Threw them in zip lock bags with buttermilk for a couple of hours, and then took the advice I was given to blow-dry the chickens after I take them out of the brine. Yes, you read that correctly, I used a hair dryer on my chickens for a few mins. After that, brushed them with olive oil and then re-seasoned them. Threw them in the smoker at around 350 with Mesquite wood chips & some Oak pellets in my AMNTS. About an hour and a half later, pulled them out and threw them in the broiler for a good 5-6 mins. Crispy skin, tons of flavor, and fall-off-the-bone meat. Best chicken I've smoked thus far!

    Here they are ready to go into the smoker:

    Cajun Foreplay Chicken

    Lemon Pepper Chicken

    Now Here they are out of the broiler, and served with some red-pepper broccoli:

    Cajun Chicken

    Lemon Pepper Chicken

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    Am I seeing this right ? Looks like the Cajun Foreplay is really dark when you first put it on , does it look like that? Not saying it is a bad sight , I just wondering if it was a Coffee type Rub?

    Your Birds look great , by the way Thumbs Up
  3. I'm going to give this a try...crispy chicken skin is certainly been a quest for me, I'll be searching to find the Dinasour Foreplay Rub recipe now
  4. psax88

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    Thank you sir! I don't think it's a coffee type rub. One of the reasons it might appear so dark is because I put a ton of it on there, other reason might just be the amount of red spices in the mix? I know Paprika and Ceyenne are like the main ingredients of it.

    I'm pretty sure you can buy this rub on Amazon. Just search it on there and I'm pretty sure it'll show up. They have a Really good BBQ sauce too. But it's not as sugary so it's kind of thin and runny, so some people don't like the texture. The taste is phenomenal though.
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    Dang it man that looks good, Nice job 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker


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