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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by jamminjimi, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. jamminjimi

    jamminjimi Meat Mopper

    Well it seems that everyone one is doing smoked cheese. Well here is my successful attempt in an MES. I used the Harbor Freight soldering iron in a can trick. This worked very well internal temps never went over 75*. I would cycle the soldering iron on and off by watching the smoke. Well here are my victims.

    Cheese in the smoker check out the can and soldering iron.

    After the smoke already wrapped and ready for a cold nap.

    Enjoy the view.
  2. dirt guy

    dirt guy Smoking Fanatic

    Looks great! [​IMG]
  3. ronp

    ronp Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

  4. treegje

    treegje Master of the Pit

    Looks great [​IMG]
  5. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nice Job...[​IMG]
  6. deltadude

    deltadude Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Way to go!

    How much did you pay for the soldering iron?
    What model did you get?
  7. xjcamaro

    xjcamaro Meat Mopper

    Yes, looks good, did you use chunks of wood or chips?

    My temps also got into the 70's but that was with the door all the way shut and baffle closed. Trapping all the heat and smoke. When the temp would rise i would just open the baffle a little to let out some of the heat, then close it again.

    In the past ive just used small chunks in my can and found that the larger blocky size of the chunks left alot of open area and i was constantly having to shake the can or feed more wood or play with it to get the wood to hit the iron. And i had to add wood about every half hour.

    Yesterday i got a bag of wood chips and used those during my cheese smoke last night. It worked so much better. i filled the can up to the opening of the lip (If you look at my pictures i lay my can on its side) and just let it go. I never had to add wood, i just gave the can a shake about once and hour to settle everything in the can. It smoked for 3 hours and probably could have went for 4-5 without adding wood.
  8. jamminjimi

    jamminjimi Meat Mopper

    Chicago Electric Item# 47887. I think it was $5.00 really cheap. xjcamaro I used chip of Apple wood. I had to shake can occasionally.
  9. frizzlefry

    frizzlefry Smoke Blower

    I tried this method and all the cheese came out with a metallic taste.  Did I do something wrong?

    I used a brand new iron.
  10. xjcamaro

    xjcamaro Meat Mopper

    What kind of wood did you use?
  11. sound1

    sound1 Smoking Fanatic

    Smoking the Pepper Jack has ended up as one of my kids favorites. 
  12. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    Did you burn the iron off before you used it.They probable use a lot of oil in manufacturing it cause it's not painted steel.
  13. I'm interested in finding out where you purchased your grates.
  14. richs050

    richs050 Newbie

    So, did you drill a hole in the can and slide the tip of the iron into the chips? or set the can on top of the hot iron? not to clear in the photo.  I like the idea and plan to give it a try.


  15. tjohnson

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    How long did you smoke for?

    What woos did you use?

    Wet or Dry Chips?

    The "Metallic Taste" is most likely "Creosote"

    Open a vent for some oxygen, and it should make a difference.

    DO NOT soak you chips!

    Try using pellets


    Go to Walmart

    A 3 Pack of stacking non-stick cooling racks are $9


    Punch a hole in the side of the can, and stick your iron thru the hole

    DO NOT soak your chips

  16. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

    Did you burn off the can too. A lot of cans use a food grade rubber type of sealant on the seams and lids (since they don't seal cans with lead solder anymore). You may want to "SEASON" the can too.
  17. africanmeat

    africanmeat Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    looks good

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