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    My apologies, I thought I'd done this when I was here before, but guess not.

    My name is Aubrey, but you can call me Ed. (I go by Ed in a lot of online games, and so I respond to that as much as I do my actual name anymore)

    I live in Gainesville, Texas (76240 zip) right along the red river area.

    age/experience - woo... 39, and been cooking in some form since I was about 8 (started in self-defense. My mother's idea of cooking was beans every day, double beans on sunday, and seasoning was a sin)

    my bbq/smoking/grilling/outdoor cooking experiences started when I was about 15, really. me and a few other of the geeks formed a group, and we'd go out on the weekends, hike a few miles down the train tracks to a camping spot just outside of town, smoke and booze up on cheap wine one of the guy's brothers provided.. well, turns out I was the one that could cook. so, I'd haul the meat/ingredients and a few pieces of equipment, and someone else'd haul my tent, I'd dug out a hole in the ground and lined it with clay, clean it out, start a fire, and do some really primitive pit cooking (researched on it during the week) well, fast forward a few years, and I did flowerpot grills, was given an upright brinkmann charcoal box, which I refitted eventually with a cheap hotplate/firebox rig for some cold smoking, then I built an UDS, (which was nice, I liked it, but it had a couple things I didn't like and I'd change if I were to do it again) then I acquired a mes 30" analog about 5 years ago, and it just gave up the ghost day before yesterday.

    I try to cook something up at least once a week, and generally no less than 2-3 times a month (I tend to do bulk cooking, since I'm eating keto and I kinda have to have something 'ready and on hand' for when I get hungry. so it helps to be able to do.. say .. a pork loin, portion it down and keep one thawing in the fridge at all times, and the rest in the chestfreezer)

    I have celiac, so I have to avoid modern wheat, barley and rye. I've found a primitive wheat precursor that I'm not reactive to, so I can occasionally do a breadylike thing.. but even then, I still limit my grains.

    I make my own wine and cider. Haven't gotten into beers, as I'd have to probably do a chestnut or pecan based one

    other hobbies - online gaming and RPGs (especially old school paper and pencil ones - D&D, Shadowrun, Rifts, and the Old 'world of darkness' stuff

    currently heading back to college to pursue the trade degree I should have gotten 20 years ago, but better late than never.

    as for flavors - I like big bold stuff (fajitas, barbacoa, etc) but I also like to cure and smoke my own loin bacon (mix of brown sugar and old bay along with tenderquick and smoked over a mix of pecan and maple)

    glad to be here and have a good day!
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    Welcome to the forum!!!  [​IMG]
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    You sound like a fun and interesting guy.. I used to play D&D back in early 80s in the Army in Germany.. was before all the fun video stuff.
    Well wish you luck , and a safe healthy life..
    You find any smoker you want to get next?
    Good luck to ya..
    Johnny B.
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    when I've got some disposable income,I'll be getting one of the MES 40" digital that Bearcarver helped redesign

    for now, I've found the fix to resurrect the analog, so that's cheered me up mightily!
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    Ok.. that's good news. Now we can get some Q-View from ya in the next couple weeks maybe. 😎
  6. smokedcaveman

    smokedcaveman Smoke Blower

    yeah, I'm thinking so, especially since I'll have a working camera too

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