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    Sorry no pictures. I went to the butcher on the 10th and got the largest brisket they had, about 12 lbs. I used Myron Mixons recipe in his book. I ordered the Minors beef and  Minors Au jus listed in the recipe. Just do a google search for minors beef. I'm sure the recipe can be found on-line somewhere, they even sent it with my order. I injected the brisket with the mix and then marinaded it over night. Fired up my MES 40 and had the brisket in at 7 am Friday morning. I had it laying on a open rack and medium smoke with cherry and hickory for 3 hours. Put it in a pan and covered until it hit 205 at 3:30 pm. I pulled and set it on the stove for about and hour. Did the taste test and it was the very best brisket I have ever had. The minors boullion is the best I have had. I cut off about a lb and took it over to a friend that was getting ready to go to work that night. She said that she did not eat what she had packed for lunch but manage to eat the whole piece of meat. She also said there were several people looking over her shoulder to see what smelt so good. I would feel sorry for the person who tried to stick their hand in there. It would have been like trying to take a bone from a hungry dog. Anyway I think I have a new favorite. You gotta try that recipe.

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