smoked beans

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by pike, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. LG can bushes best beans
    6 strips bacon, partially done pan fried then cut up, or pan fried till done ad broke up into beans.
    Med diced onion
    1 rounded spoon of brown sugar
    smoke untill onions are soft

    then i add 10- 15 drops of the pure CAP that adds just enough spice to the works, but then i keep the "Da Bomb" on hand for those that have gotten to wise (i mean brave) from to many beers " if ya know what i mean "
  2. Sounds good. I have yet to make beans in my smoker. Its on my list of things to do.
  3. rdknb

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    That looks good. I put some beans in when I did county ribs. Beans were added with brown sugar and my home made Q sauce they were good lol
  4. make shure when you use your good dish (or your wifes good dish) spray the outside with PAM so the smoke doesnt stick to it and the dish doesnt get planted into your nogen by the miss if you know what i mean[​IMG]
    that girly crap wont remove snot from a plastic plate[​IMG]
  5. wingman

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    Nice! Hey Pike... Have you tried Da Bomb "Final Answer" ? I have been using it for over 2 years now and it is amazing. It's allot hotter the their Ground Zero so one has to watch it when using it. It's great for cooking and for when your kids and their buddies are feeling macho.. I laugh every time as they try and see who holds out untill the last. One by one they run for the peanut butter, milk etc... [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG] i love it too, even mine being half at 250,0000 scoville units its like fire in my mouth, final answere is round what 500,0000 scoville units, the pure cap is 500,000 but its a very slow heat up that makes it realy nice in foods its not the instante fire, so do you make them sign a waver saying there an idiot for eating it and such LOL ive got the wavers too for such a need to be signed, so how did you know it was hot? i bought mine at branson MO and at a motel i put a toothpick of it in my mouth and i lite up like a christmas tree, i was dumping shugar packets into my mouth man, my dad still remebers that night[​IMG]

    fun inflicting that kind of pain onto family and friends isnt it[​IMG]

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