Smoked BB ribs w/ Grub protection.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by no peek n, May 13, 2013.

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    found some Honkers of BB ribs on sale at the local Stater Bros, They must of changed suppliers due to this new brand of babay back ribs, I had to really check the package, couse they were so Freaking Thick and long, I wasent sure if there were 2 slabs inside the package..Plus at $2.99 lb, was great also, so snatched up (3) racks, and a 5.86lb chicken to try my first brine, and then found one more slab that was tucked under some othe ribbs that were not on sale anymore.."Score".! up to (4) home got my bird in the brine, 1/2 c salt, 1/2 c D. brown surgar. and 1/4 maple syurp, and a little less of 1/8 tsp of Pink salt #1, and in the frig for 16 hrs..dry rubed the ribs and got everyone in the pool (smoker) at 12:45p Sat. and used Apple wood chunks, and Jeffs rub and a tad of Kansas city dry rub, and sprits with Apple cider and vinegar...

    Rubbed, and chicken brine rinsed off, (not shown) and with a Sippy started..

    6hrs in..look how the meat is pulling back on the bonez.....YUM>!

    and then dropped the temp down to 205* for the last 2hrs, and then Dinner bell at 10:00p (late eater) watching movies, lost track of time...!

    and to make sure nobody was going to follow me in the house to grag My Vittles, and the chicken was just OOZZing with juice, and not salty the least bit, Melt in your mouth....Thanks for Lookin..Folks..And Yes that is a Glock G20 10mm, (my House carry pistol.)
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    Looks great!  Nicely done...


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