Smoked Bass and Pike

Discussion in 'Fish' started by doubles shooter, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. While I'm waiting for my CB to finish in the cure, I decided to do up some Bass and Pike fillets. I used BearCarver's salmon brine for my first fish in too many years.

    I followed his method step by step however I only brined for 3 hours due to the lean nature of the fish. To me, it was perfect and I will be repeating it soon.

    Out of the brine drying a bit.


    Packaging it up.

    Never been crazy about eating Bass, but I can get used to doing it this way.
  2. reinhard

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    Looks great!!! I've pickled pike but never smoked them [have to try].  I have smoked white bass with good results. I'll have to look up Bears brine to try as well.  Reinhard

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