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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by zorkspork75, Nov 15, 2014.

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    Hi i picked up a pound and a half of uncured pork belly from my butcher today. Was wondering could i just put a normal dry rub on top let it sit for a few hours then toss it in my big chief till internal temp reaches 140°-150° let it sit slice then fry. Big chief runs at about 145-160° or do i have to use a cure or tender quick
  2. zorkspork75

    zorkspork75 Newbie

    Sorry for the double post. Don't know what happen
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    You should use cure #1..... because..... meat in a low oxygen environment, like a smoker filled with smoke, can grow botulism...

    Your smoker will have the internal temp of the meat at ideal temps for that stuff to grow... Not too much of a reason to skip the cure #1 step...

    Also, you won't have bacon.... It will not have the taste or the pink color.... you will have smoked, seasoned pork...

    And at a smoker temp of 145-160, the meat will take about 24 hours to get to temp.... I have done beef sticks that are about 3/4" diameter and they take 24 hours at 150 ish degrees to get to 140....

    Thanks for asking that question..... Thumbs Up
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