Smoked baby backs - real simple

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  1. I'm doing ribs today. This is a repeat of a smoke two weeks ago that really surprised us. It was that good, and so simple!

    I'm a fan wet wood chips.

    I'm using my MES 40" first generation smoker.

    Twenty plus years ago, my brother took my wife and I to a very authentic Greek Restaurant in Toronto. We had ribs, and I had never seen ribs like that before. I grew up in Montreal, and there are some amazing rib places there. In fact, the best one is still there. All the ribs I had ever eaten were sauced. This Greek Restaurant served us herbed and spiced ribs, which were fantastic, and unlike anything we had ever tried. I've used this recipe before with some success, but when I made them using the 2, 2, 1 method I learned on this forum, well, SUCCESS!

    Here are the ribs:

    Here is the rub, soooo good, and yes, a retail product!

    Ribs ready to go:

    Ribs in the smoker:

    Now patience and more wet wood when needed!
  2. pops6927

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    Looks great!  How'd they turn out?  
  3. I'll post pics in about 4 hours. They went in one hour ago.
  4. Time to come out of the foil:

    Ready for the final hour of cooking, can't wait!!
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Looking good! I like to keep my ribs simple, just a good seasoning makes them the best!
  6. The final result, turned out great!
  7. Looks really good!  What kind of chips did you use?  
  8. Trikky P, sorry, I missed your question. I used apple and hickory.
  9. Ribs look great!

    How do you keep your smoker so clean?
  10. it is new, my 3rd MES

    Ribs look good. 


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