Smoked almonds - time and temp

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  1. Some of the research I have done suggests 4 hours at 200 degrees?  Stirring once at the two hour mark.  Does this sound correct?  Just want to make sure I am not over-doing it.

  2. Ok, did a little research and answered my own question.  Looks like a few people here were doing 90 minutes.
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    Yup, about 200~ degrees for 90 minutes is perfect.  I typically stir the nuts once every 30 min.
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    What do you do to them before putting on the smoke? Anything?
  5. I have a "rub" of sorts that I apply and make stick by using a bit of Worcestershire sauce ;-) that is if I'm making spiced or savory almonds. If I'm going the sweet rout.....say with pecans I use a sweeter mix of spices.

    Good thing is u can experiment and get a taste u love. I do mine for about 90 min at 200F as well. I make several batches....put them in Mason jars and vacuum seal them. Yummy treats.

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  7. Ahhhhh yes.....Scarbelly's recipe is the stuff of legend here [​IMG]

    I will give this one a run on the next batch!!

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