Smoked a Pork Butt this weekend

Discussion in 'Pork' started by vivid, Jul 19, 2015.

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    I've smoked a lot of stuff with my Master Forge vertical smoker, but Pork Butt was one thing I hadn't done yet.  I've been meaning to make some ever since I got the thing, and figured my annual party/barbeque was a good enough excuse as any.  I went to the local GFS and picked up 17.5 pounds.  Only cost me $27!

    I threw together some spices for the rub.  In retrospect, I think I'll use a little less of the pepper and maybe some more barbeque-like flavor spice.  Still, this worked very well.  

    Here it is all rubbed, and ready to sit in the fridge overnight.

    I put both in the smoker at around 8am the next morning.  Here it is about 4 hours into the smoke.  Also, you can see my little spray bottle that I put (in a 1 to 3 ratio) Captain Morgan's spiced rum and Apple Juice into.  Sprayed the meat about every hour.

    Gonna need to clean the smoker after this one!  I smoked them both until they hit about 165ish, then wrapped them in foil, gave an extra dose of the spray, and popped them in the oven @ 350 until  both were finished at 195.

    The finished product was delicious.  Great bark, awesome smoke coloring as well.

    Pulled for sandwiches:

    Any questions feel free to ask!  I've got a ton of leftovers so I'm going to be enjoying this stuff for days!
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    Looks like you'll have pork for awhile! Looks like it turned out tasty! The GFS by me carried Tri tip for about two weeks unfourtantley it wasn't selling well enough and the pulled it. They have some good prices on there meats usally.

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