Smoked a Few Birds in The New Smoker

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by nhbuck, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Son was off with church group last night, wouldn't be home until early morning hours and after going to dinner with friends the wife fell asleep.SO at about 10 PM I decided to fire up the smoker. Decided to try 3 whole chickens. Figured I'd give away 2 of them to a neighbor and a friend and keep one for picking today. Still playing with the new smoker. Almost broke out the old reliable R2D2 Brink-man but figured why not play with the new one they were on sale anyway. One thing is I will stick with my Royal Oak or Kings-ford. Decided to try the wal-mart charcoal since they had a 9lb bag for like 2.67. Never again except in emergency.  It fired up nice in the chimney but the burn just didn't seem to maintain good heat. It was windy last night so that might have played a factor to. Never have had a problem with the Kings-ford or royal Oak.



    Smoker needs a few mods. I will be picking up some gasket material for around the fire box lid and the door of the smoke section. Also probably will be picking up some fireplace caulk and sealing a few other areas.    
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    Should have presented the birds better for the picture. But at 4 AM it wasn't high on the priority list!!
  3. Oh well, Taste is more important than pictures anyway, but they look good from here.
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    How did the chickens turn out?
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    Al, thanks for asking. They game out great. The breast meat was succulent. The legs and wings were just firm enough that you could eat them on the bone without them falling apart. Nice smoked flavor. Usually, I use pecan chunks or hickory chunks for all my smoking needs. While at Wally World last night picking up the chickens, they had a bag of mequite chips for a dollar. Going to smoke a 10 to 12 lb turkey for Thanksgiving along with an oven bird. Didn't sleep much put them on the top of the stove covered in foil a little after 4 this morning. Momma woke up at 6 to the aroma of the birds.. If I didn't have football playoffs this evening I'd probably be smoking something else. 
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    Looks good from here.


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