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    1st time smoking in my 30'' mes. I have it set on 230d.  how much smoke should I be seeing? vent is wide open.

    when I started I had it at 275 to heat up and it smoked great not now. I am doing a 8lb Boston butt started 5am should go for 12hrs I think. will wrap at 165d then 3 more hrs. int temp is all ready at 125 and it has only been smoking for 3hrs is that about wright. got 13 people coming over  today don't want to f it up for the big day.

    Thanks for the help!!
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  2. joe black

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    You really need some more heat. I would crank it up to around 275*. At 125* in 3 hours, you are close to a safety problem. Any meat needs to get to 140* in 4 hours or less. Crank it up, wrap it at the stall with 1/2 cup of apple juice and let it ride to 200-205*. Let it rest for an hour and then pull it to serve. FYI, the stall will come at approximately 155-160*. Good luck, Joe
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    What Joe said is spot on. The temp dial on your smoker may not be completely accurate. Unless you're measuring with a calibrated thermometer at grate level, you may not be smoking where you think you are. Turn up the heat to make sure it's safe to eat.

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