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    Ok I built a freezer smoker and used a single hot plate. I had alot of smoke but not the heat so I put in a oven heating element and still no heat so i put another oven element in and have the heat no smoke please help
  2. I have a freezer smoker also. I'm going to have to go out and take some pics.

    Depending on how big a unit you have hot plates work good for putting a pan of wood chips or saw dust on to keep the smoke going. I'm not sure if another hot plate would get you enought heat.

    I used the top of an old electric stove. Took the torch and cut it down the middle so I had two burners. But, I pulled one burner out and just use a charcole starter to make smoke but have the other burner wired up for my heat.

    It's tough to see unless we have pics. So, I'm heading out to take some pics of my set up, Well, other guys like to see what I'm using on here also.
  3. Here is what the heating elements look like in my smoker.



    And the controls to run everything.
  4. 00tjwrangler

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    Well the other heating element got me my temp but now I dont have smoke
  5. 00tjwrangler

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    With the heating elements should I have a pan or like a coffee pot Idk y I lost my smoke but I want to smoke really soon so hoping to get this rolling
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    Can you post some pics so we can see what you're working with?

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