Smoke Vault 24 Thermometer Mod

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jeff hynes, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Have anyone removed the thermometer from their Smoke Vault 24 and used the hole to thread probes? I bought mine put together so i am unsure how large the hole is. Would i need to create a seal of some kind to plug the opening? Should i just calibrate the stock thermometer or thread my probes through the vents?
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    You can run the probe wires thru the door on a smoke vault.  

    The door doesn't close tight enough to hurt the wires.

    Or you can run them thru the top vent.

  3. Ok cool. I was worried about my wires. Thanks!
  4. Agree with Al.  The front thermometer is maybe a half inch hole when you remove the existing thermometer.  I removed mine, drilled a larger hole, and added a Tru-Tel.

    For thermocouple routing, I prefer the top vent so the wires don't get caught up in the door mechanism when I'm shutting it.  But there is no harm in running your thermocouple in the door.  Still seals fine.

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