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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by da toad, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Took advantage of the tax free weekend and also got my kid a discount on a couple of thousand dollars worth of basement fix um up stuff.

    I also treated myself.  I have been wanting a smoker for some time and after reading a lot of reviews and spending some time on smoker forums I settled on the Masterbuilt 30" electric with blue tooth.  It has a very good design.  The designers knew their stuff.  Went together in about 1.5 hours with excellent fit and finish.  I am hoping that the engineers and designers are American because the the damn thing was make in China.  Hard to get around the Chinese shit no a days but they have come a long way with their workmanship and quality control.  Sad but true they are beating the manufacturing pants off of us.

    I wanted to season it today but after getting the kid's stuff loaded and unloaded, yard work and putting the smoker together it was just too damn hot to go back down the Depot for wood chipsand the instructions say you need wood chips to season.

    I'll season it tomorrow and give a smoke to something on Monday.

    I haven't got a clue so any starting suggestions on some easy things to do would be helpful.  What flavor wood chips?  What rubs or sauces?  What is an easy cut of meat or poultry to start?  Any info greatly.  I was thinking about going to Costco and buying one of their big arse packaged ribs to start.  Is that a good idea?

    Going to be a big learning curve this old fart but I am a meat lover so this may be a good thing for me...thanks....all help appreciated.
  2. You that you have now st]epped into the world of Smoke , you'll soon begin the Obsessive Smoking Thing . You'll cruise markets searching for more and more things to Smoke !!!

    May I suggest purchasing a AMNPS . This is a great addition for your MES . Sold right here on this Forum . You won't be dissatisfied . Todd is a great businessman and his service is great!

    Once you have gotten ready to cure the unit , grab a few Chicken quarters or a small PorkButt and toss them in while the unit gets all primed up . No use in wasting Wattage , besides , it will give you something to snack on while the Smoker gets it's cure done ! You need to let it stay heated for a few hours anyhhow .

    We hope you enjoy our site. And don't be shy , ask anything you want , there are no dunb questions. !!!

    Have a great time with your new Hobby , and as always . . .


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