Smoke Salmon ravioli W/Qview

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  1. Got some smoke salmon left in the fridge decided  to do it with ricotta cheese in ravioli with Tomato  sauce .

    First  a easy  way to do ricotta cheese

    1 gallon fresh milk

     juice  of 2 lemons

    bring it to 198’F take it of the heat  mix the juice in the milk stir slowly  it will tern in to cheese

    move it to a strainer  let it set.

    Cut the smoke salmon add black pepper and Parmesan and mix it with the ricotta.

    Now the pasta for the ravioli

    3 cup flour


    Salt ,black pepper

    5 eggs

    Make a well put the eggs evoo salt and the pepper and mix with a fork till it get a soft dough

    And mix the rest of the flour till a hard dry dough .

    Roll it . i had leftover dough i made tagliatelle

    For the sauce

    Onion ,garlic ,chili , tomato puree , 1 cup of water ,and this time i add few shrimps .

    Boil the ravioli  and add it to the sauce
















    Thanks for looking
  2. They look Great! I have to put this on the to do list. I will try some with crab meat. How many ravioli's did you get out of the recipe?
  3. sweeetttt   that is some good looking stuff there!!!   im sure that was your second helping plate shown empty
  4. fpnmf

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      Thanks for sharing!!

  5.   I got 22 big  ravioli's .thanks

        Ohhh yes you are 100% right

      Thanks for looking
  6. smokinal

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    Holy Moly Ahron!

    Another great recipe!

    Thanks Buddy!
  7. Wow! Everything made from scratch. amazing!
  8. alaskanbear

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    Aaron, between your diverse ideas and the amount of salmon I have put up, we could make wonderful music together!!  (AS in cooking and selling same!)

    Dont want ya to get the wrong ideas..LOLOL  Beautiful and so creative, nicely done sir.

  9.   Thanks Al you started me on smoke salmon  so you got a part in this post.

     Thanks i am trying to do all my food low and slow the old way.

       Rich i agree  with you 100% i will love making music with you  i mean FOOD with you[​IMG]  LOL
  10. Awesome Job [​IMG]

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