smoke pork roast a day early?

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  1. so im fairly new to smoking but have had some success the past few rounds with all positive reviews go me. so my buddys wifes father passed away this morning( probably for the better poor guy was in world of discomfort and pain) and they are having a gathering on sunday and he has 2 8lbs pork roast he wants to do pulled pork with, he has asked me to smoke them on Saturday and then he wants to crock pot them on sunday and pull them apart. can some one please maybe give me some advice on how to obtain this request. any advice is welcome san yes I promise pic with my home made fridge smoker. thank you in advance and always remember how important family really is.
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    That is absolutely no problem at all, but IMO I'd pull them apart when you take them off the smoker and not wait until the next day.  Pulling apart a roast that has been smoked then cooled in the fridge would make the pulling a lot more difficult than it needs to be. 

    I actually prefer to make my pulled pork a day ahead of when I need it.  I smoke it, pull it, tweak the seasoning with more rub, add a small amount of sauce, then store it in the fridge.  I also wrap my pork nowadays after the stall, say 170-175F with a small amount of juice.  Then I save the jus from the wrappings in the fridge, let it gel, scrap off the fat, then add the pure flavor gel back to the meat the next day. 

    Warming in a crock pot works great.  Large pan on the stove top works too.   
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    Noboundaries has it right! Smoke it, rest it, pull it. Separate from juices and store the meat. Cool the drippings, skim 'em, and add them to the meat when you put it in the crock pot. It's even better the day after a smoke!
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    Exactly right, I too wrap mine at 165.  this saves moisture and shortens cooking time.  Cook and pull same day into fridge and into crock pot as necessary.
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    Just to clarify that you are smoking a butt or picnic and not a loin roast. Wouldn't want a roast you couldn't eat because it was over cooked and dry.

    For pulled pork I always cook the meat ahead of time and reheat the day of the event. Crockpot will work. Large foil pans or chaffing dishes covered in foil in a 200 degree oven works too. As mentioned add back in the drippings or a bit of juice or sauce if you're worried about it being dry. Shouldn't be a problem though.
  6. The guys have you covered. I don't foil but a lot of people do. 

    Happy smoken.

  7. Good info above, should be great

  8. Its 2 8lbs pork butts. He did the rub and what not him self.
  9. thank you all for the help we were very successful. only took 9 hours and 4 of us having some beers, I think we ate 1/4 of it while we were tearing them apart they were good. one had a light BBQ rub and the other was injected with butter.
  10. I invite every body to my profile I finally uploaded pics of my smoker
  11. Nice looking Butts


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