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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by berninga87, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. berninga87

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    Im doing a butt on my smoke n pit right now, and my problem is that the heat in the firebox is causing some of the paint to bubble and flake off on the inside and outside where the heat is highest, and i followed the instructions by keeping the fire away from direct contact with the sides of the firebox. It is close, but no touching. I have only had this smoker for a few months and its my second smoke. has anyone else had this problem? and more importantly...should i be concerned about that paint that flaked off the inside of the firebox? im hoping none of it burned up and it just flaked and fell in the coals but i cant tell. a little disappointing but as far as the cook is going the smoker is holding 225 great for 4 hours now with the mods ive done...i just hope dinner isnt already ruined..
  2. venture

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    Paint bubbling or burning off on the outside is not uncommon in most offsets, but after extended use.  Seems yours is doing it pretty quickly.

    As for the inside of the firebox, there should be no paint in there?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. berninga87

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    well im assuming it's paint, either that or some sort of black coating. i dont really care that it's coming off, my concern is food safety. the piece that flaked off inside was only about the size of a $.50 piece. i just hope brinkmann had the sense to coat it with something that wont be dangerous when their product malfunctions.. and conveniently their warranty page is down..thanks for the help! i have a feeling it should be fine, but i am a worrier
  4. venture

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    The inside will have no paint unless someone has put paint in there.  A definite NO NO.

    Did you season the inside of the firebox.

    Unless someone has done something really bad to your smoker, I would bet it is just a bit of carbon residue. If this is the case, I would not worry about it.

    Only you would know if someone has done something unusual inside that firebox, assuming you bought the unit new and not used.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. berninga87

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    i bought it new...the inside and outside of everything is black...could it be a different type of coating other than paint? or is supposed to be bare metal? all the other ones i looked at before buying this were the same black inside as well...and i did season everything..
  6. berninga87

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    also it is definitely not carbon deposits flaking off..
  7. venture

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    They usually come with an inside coating of nasty grease out of the factory.  That is why we burn them out and season them before we use them.  I season my cooking chamber.  I do not season the inside my firebox because the seasoning will just burn off anyway.

    If you are sure no one has put paint inside that firebox, I wouldn't worry about black flakes in the firebox, even with a Brinkman product.

    I am assuming you have used no conifers, green wood, or otherwise unsuitable woods and that the things you are finding are in the firebox and not in the smoking chamber falling on the meat you are cooking.

    Someone with your brand of smoker will probably be along soon.

    Good luck and good smoking
  8. berninga87

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    Thanks for the help, i also emailed butt turned out great! its all pulled and into the freezer until im sure its ok. I only used apple and hickory with charcoal, and nothing is falling on the meat.
  9. venture

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    My guess is that you will be fine.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. rivet

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    You've got a nice unit there. I have one that I've modified a bit for better performance. If you'd like some tips and pics, PM me.

    Don't worry about the Brinkmann paint. It will burn and rust off. Every spring I steel wool my firebox (exterior only)  to get the rust off and repaint with super-high-temp-flat-black paint and it is like new for the summer. Just a fact of life.
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