Smoke in Progress: Rack of beef short ribs.

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  1. So while the wife is away, I decided to try something new.  I was able to find a local, organic, pasture-fed, yadda-yadda.... 1/2 rack of beef short ribs and figured that it was worth a shot.  It weighs in at 3.5#.  Last evening I rubbed with a mixture of 1:1 kosher flake style salt and fine ground black pepper and just for kicks, I also threw in a pinch of garlic powder and paprika.  To be honest, with the proportion of salt & pepper, I'm not sure how much of a difference either will make.  I put the ribs on when the kamado settled in at 260 and I am going to try and raise it up to around 280 or so for the duration.  Smoke is a mixture of lump as well as chunks of hickory and pecan.  I plan to spritz it with a mixture of butter and red wine vinegar. I will try to remember to take after pics and update this evening.


  2. 5.5 hours in. Temp has maintained right around 280 or so. Just started mopping with mix of red wine vinegar and butter. Definitely not ready to be pulled off as of now.
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    Looks tasty!
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    I bet the bride leaves more strick orders with a longer list of honey do's next time.

    You be cooking greatness without her.......... and those look outstanding!

    Spartanburg is some beautiful country btw. So do you have a good mustard BBQ sauce recipes? <Chuckles>
  5. Thanks guys.  Here's the final product.  I'm beyond pleased with the results.  Never checked internal temp, but stuck a skewer in at about the 5.5 hour mark and it was still pretty firm.  Checked again around 6.5h in and it felt pretty close.  Took them off at 7h & a wooden skewer pierced the meat easily.  Wrapped in foil and let rest for a little over an hour.  Had a buddy over to enjoy with some cold ones.  

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    Nice looking meal! Great job.
  7. Turned the leftovers into some short rib hash. Warmed up the sliced rib in cast iron pan to render out some remaining fat. Pulled off and cubed. Added chopped Vidalia and cooked it until soft. Pulled the onion out and added it to hash browns, cubed short rib, and roasted red bell pepper - added salt & pepper & mixed to combine. I reheated the cast iron pan & added a bit of butter when warm. Added the mixture and compressed with a spatula and cooked for 10 minutes. I flipped it over on a plate, added a bit more butter to the pan and put the hash back in the pan. I put that all in a preheated 375 degree oven and cooked for 10-15ish minutes. It turned out pretty awesome, I think. Pretty excellent for leftovers!

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    looks delishh
  9. I would pay top $$$ for beef ribs like that. Nothing but bones with jerky on them around here. Was watching BBQ Pitmasters a few weeks ago and about fainted at the ribs they pulled out of the cooler. Remember a local restaurant as a kid that had great beef ribs and quit carrying them in my teens because they couldn't get good ones
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    We could all just start buying our beef cattle from C Farmer. Let him process and ship. Better yet deliver!

    Ol'boy here abouts quit LSU mid semester senior year and bought a ranch, he's bought the two ajoining since, and can't raise enough custom beef.  All the chefs keep him bought out. So much so that he quit the fresh eggs and chickens but I think he still has the heritage turkeys. He was doing one of those new scientific rotational farms were the move I think once a quarter and the next animal lives off whats left. 
  11. Just finished some bone in ribeyes (6.99 /lb at kinformation soopersn i.e. kRogers down south, pick 3 of the single thick cuts and they give you the value pack price if you ask the guy at the meat counter can't call him a butcher) For some reason for the first time ever my wife decided she wanted to eat the meat off the bone. And another perk of being married down the drain :)
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    Nothing wrong with those! They look great!
  13. JeepDriver:  I looked all over for a solid day for these beef ribs and had given up.  Went to the local grocery and they had short ribs for sale at the meat counter.  I asked the guy if they came in pre-cut or if they came in whole and he pulled out that beauty.  If you can find a place that has good short ribs for sale already split up, you may luck out and find that they come in whole and can get one. 

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