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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by flagg, Jan 8, 2016.

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    I am planning to build a smoke box. My thoughts are to build a 2'x2' box approximately 4' high in the cooking chamber (CC). The fire box (FB) below that would be 2'x2'x2'. I would line the interior of CC with 1/4" plywood, and the FB with sheet metal or unglazed tile. The exterior would be clad with western cedar fence pickets. Exterior would be rubbed or sprayed with linseed oil. Roof probably simple slope with sheet metal protection.

    Questions: where can I find data on vent sizing? Is propane or electric preferred for something like this? What materials are safe for sealing bad craftsmanship on the interior?

    My intended use is sausage, jerky, fish, bacon, and maybe try cheese.

    If I can't keep a low temperature. I will install a vent to connect a remote FB.

    Like I said in title, this is a concept. It is my first build. I appreciate any critique and/or help you have to offer.
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    It sure would look pretty although, if you are planning to cold smoke, eliminate any product that may insulate your firebox. You want to dissipate heat as quickly as possible. More room for thought. LOL

     Coming up with something is part of the fun.

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    With a smoker that small, using a fire for heat and smoke will be very difficult to control the temperature..  A very small fire burns at around 800-1200 degrees...  smoking food is usually done from 70-140 ish degrees... then the temp is raised to cook the meat...  cooking can be done in a smoker or moved into the kitchen and finished in the oven....

    Joshua Brede just built this smokehouse...   Only exhaust vents are the spaces between the boards...  OLD STYLE smokehouse build..   Draft was adjusted using battens over the cracks to slow the air flow down to an acceptable level for heat and smoke distribution..
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    Thanks, Dave. Do you have a suggested wattage for heat plates?
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    1500 watt with a PID would work great for that size unit. Even a 1200 watt hot plate would get you going, but they need some tinkering. They have a temperature limit link that has to be bypassed.
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    1500 watts seems to work in most smokers that size....   Amazon has replacement elements for smokers...   

    Also, to generate smoke, Todd has designed and built several...  He's as long time member here and has sales, seems like every month on his stuff to the members....   Check the front page....   and check here.....  I recommend the 5 X 8 pellet smoker with a setup like that..  You can burn it at both ends for more smoke..  one end is probably sufficient..      He has an assortment of flavor woods to choose from...    When I use my pellet smoker, I usually fill one row for 3 1/2 hours of smoke.. about 5 oz.  ....  I think his pellets are the best...  100% flavor wood, unless a combo is purchased, and the cost is usually less than a buck per smoke...  that ain't bad when you are smoking 15#'s of meat..  The combo pellets, Pitmasters Choice, is my go to flavor...  subtle and everyone enjoys it...  Hickory for bacon...  Alder for fish...   I have the sweet wood blend but haven't tried it yet...  I have some mesquite pellets to throw in with the others to add a BOLD flavor to things..

    Heating elements...   for controlling them you can get a controller thermostat or use a dimmer switch...  A PID would be AWESOME...
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    Thank you both.

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