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  1. Hi All from NJ , I've been smoking for about 12 years and still learning every time I put a batch of Jerky , Summer Sausage , Fish or Pheasant in the smoker I currently use a verticle propane smoker and love it , but I recently built a wooden house out of plywood . I just need some constructive criticism on a fire box . I want to use my fryer burner occasionally and a hot plate to do cold smoke , should I line it with dur rock or hardi backer and then sheet it with tin , What do you think , if I'm able to upload a pic , remember its unfinished .
    Thanks for looking
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  2. I guess my uploading isn't working ????
    New to site and it seemed pretty easy , picked my photo and said it was attached but I'm not seeing it . Can anyone assist with this ???
    Thanks again and Happy New Year
  3. PattyQ,

    First of all welcome.  I have a smokehouse made of plywood, been using it for about 4 years now.  My heat source is a turkey fryer propane burner in the bottom section.  I don't have any lining in the smoker.  I normally smoke between 225* and 250* never had a problem.  I can't see your photo you made have to wait for the moderator to ok your post.  

  4. Thanks I didn't think of that ... Another question that came to mind since you have similar unit I've vented mine with a 4" HVAC duct that i rigged a damper into it . It exits out the back of the peak of the roof and not straight through the roof . Any concerns I should have about this and should I add additional vents close to floor by burner to introduce some fresh air ???
    Any Help would be great !!! I don't want a bomb on my hands !!!!
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    Try this propane burner for heat..... more adjustment for temp....

    Then there is the safety propane shut off device .... check the bottom of the page.....
  6. This is Pic of incomplete build

    [ATTACHMENT=1848]image.jpg (1,254k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  7. This is some of my finished products from previous smokes !!!!!

    [ATTACHMENT=1849][ATTACHMENT=1850][ATTACHMENT=1851]SmokedSummerSausage (1,293k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]

    Happy New Year
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    Depends on distance from wood to burner. My doors aren't lined and the lower one gets pretty hot. I see your on a cement slab so you want have to worry about the floor catching fire. Outside of smoking, I believe Ive read about cement popping/chunking from moisture and then getting hot. Only a cold weather issue if I recall correctly. Do you plan to insulate? My build uses 1/4" cement board (insulated Michigan smoke house build). My floor got extremely hot, but adding a metal plate solved the issue.
    I use Photobucket for pics and use the direct link to post pics here.

  9. Thanks Kenn , I did decide to line with Tin only about 2 foot high all around . this way I don't have any combustible wood exposed . im using a turkey fryer burner right now but plan on purchasing that Single Burner Dave suggested . I got a batch in there now and seems to be pretty good , holds temp between 165 - 170 for about 2 -1/2 hrs now but only time will tell ......
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