Smoke Hollow Gasser (which chip pan)

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  1. Morning All,

      I'm going to attempt my second try at baby backs tomorrow and had a few questions.

    My gasser has 2 burners and 2 chip pans directly above each burner, the first time I used it I used the pan above the burner I had lit. I got plenty of smoke maybe to much, I tried turning that burner off and running the other burner but the smoke stopped. I only ran it for about 10 minutes then switched it back. I used 2 pans of chips in 2 hours. Friends of my wife told her they only use a small hand full of chips to do their ribs--so now I keep hearing that I used to much wood??

    The first time I did ribs I used a mixture of Apple Cider Vinagar, Apple Juice and a few shots of Dr.Pepper to spray on the ribs and I put some in when I foiled them (2-2-1). I didn't use all it and wondered how long this will keep in the frig.

  2. It only takes a little chips to go a long way. Keep notes of the amount you use and adjust from their next time. I don't use spritz as you have to open the door. As far as how long it will last [​IMG]. It is cheap enough I would toose it.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Oh I left out you have to use the chip pan over the fire.

    Happy smoken.


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