Smoke Hollow 44" Gasser/Cheese

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  1. Anyone out there smoking cheese using a Smoke Hollow 44" gasser?

    I'm looking for some advice on how to cold smoke in this unit, I've seen the mail box mod's but I move my smoker around alot (on wheels) and its on my deck so I don't know that it will work.

    I wonder if I could add a shelf between the legs--this would get it the mod up off my deck and it would be mobile??
  2. Im not sure how well this would work, you may need to wait until its good and cold out. You could buy a 18" pellet tube from A-MAZE-N products, leave the heat off in the smoker and let that tube burn.
  3. Day time highs are only in the 50"s, is that cold enough?
  4. I was gonna try this myself. I have the 44" as well. I was planning to just run my amznps in the cabinet with no heat. It's about 50 deg here as well
  5. i cant tell you for sure because i dont know how much heat those pellet smoker put off but for smoking cheese it begins to melt around 80so the temp needs to stay under that. you could do the mailbox mod but make it where it detaches easily from the air intake so you can move your smoker around and then attach the mail box when you want to.
  6. eppbbq--Where do you put your "amznps" in the 44 when your smoking ribs or a butt?
  7. bill ace 350

    bill ace 350 Meat Mopper

    I have that smoker and I use the a-maze-n pellet smoker. Works great!
  8. Bill, You ever try using the AMNPS with one of the burners on? I cold smoked some cheese at camp this weekend and it worked great but when I tried it with a burner on it would not stay lit, starving for oxygen I'm guessing??
  9. bill ace 350

    bill ace 350 Meat Mopper

    Not yet gmiller. I use 2 1500watt hotplates that I heat with. They don't seem to bother the amnps.
  10. rc4u

    rc4u Fire Starter

    I use lump oak charcoal in the smoke pans...of course lit first in the starter...and you can vary heat very good after you do a ktest run can use one or both pans and you put the chips or chunks or pellet or combination of which is what I do....of course outside temps do help like suggested but 50 should be good with this method....I even use it on normal smokes with one burner on gas and other side with the lumps in pan and very easy to vary temp in small amounts and for me the smoke is much it seemed to be to much smoke sometimes with out fuel in the pans or fires because to much flame from burner....jeff

     oh also I see some people put a nice red chunk of lump charcoal on the end of the AMPNS and it starts it good and keeps going...
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  11. clubuilder

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    I have the SH 44 and was wondering the same thing... I place my AMPNS on bottom shelf, right hand side and only fire left side burner... Could not keep it lit.. Followed the lighting instructions to a tee, but once I placed it in the smoker it went out..any ideas...
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