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  1. 36 degrees outside and smoking chickens. Burner wide open blew out twice. Built windbreak no more blowouts. Two questions. 1) when blowouts occur does gas auto cutoff? 2) can't get temp over 210. Does that sound normal given tramp?

    Thanks for help first time on gas burner.

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    no the gas will not shut off it will keep flowing you need to be carful with this u don't want gas to built up, it is just like have a burner on a gas grill on with no flame u can smell it as far as the low temp I would see if u can get a welding blanket and wrap the smoker use high temp insulation  and wrap it around it there are guys on here who surround there smoker with insulation and they give u a detailed step by step on how to do it check it on the search   
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    Are you judging the temp of the smoker by the built in thermo? Factory built-in thermos are almost always off, lots of folks report 50* or more.

    Here is a mod I did to my GOSM to handle the wind/burner problem. Simple to do.

    good luck and war eagle from Maine

  4. Looks excellent. Thanks for the help.

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